newsong (newsong) wrote,

Birthday Boy

Today for Paul's birthday I took him to the Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm in Bon Accord, AB. We had a blast wandering around enjoying baby animals, gigantic ice cream cones, a lovely garden center with highly affordable flowers and planters full of beautiful succulents, an old-timey photo parlor, and all sorts of things. For photographs proving that the experience was AWESOME, check these out.

We "u-picked" two whole 4 gallon pails of whopper pea pods, which we've been eating already and they're fantastic, and Paul found two lonely strawberries left in the strawberry patch which we ate. Tonight I took Paul to Red Lobster, where I had chicken as usual and Paul discovered he was not a fan of crab meat, which he announced, sadly, tasted exactly like the fake crab meat his Mom would buy sometimes growing up and he had no fondness for it. Ah well, live and learn as they say. We made a big list of things we really want to do with each other to relieve the monotony of the things we do every day - like read or watch TV. Learning to play chess and backgammon, baking bread together from scratch, and watching more bits and bytes style documentaries are some of the dozens of items on the list.

That was pretty much the entire day. It was awesome!
Tags: #paul, birthday, birthday plans, prairie gardens adventure farm

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