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This Means War, Pigeon!

You saved my life from a colorless one
From a colorless past you asked me to the paint store

In line with my personal feeling that blogging more frequently may make me a better person, I am going to try and actually blog my life whenever I think about it - which is quite often considering I did it all the time for years.

Update on the pigeon situation I mentioned. I have in my possession the dollar store water gun that will vanquish that marauding pigeon who likes to eat my balcony plants. War commences tomorrow. Or whenever I see that pesty pigeon next. In all seriousness, the gun is filled and sitting in a plastic holster-container of sorts to avoid having it leak on the floor. It is a dollar store gun, after all. Surprisingly it performed well during balcony practice and I find that my aim is pretty good with it. Perhaps that's a holdover from old hobbies. I used to have a zillion SuperSoakers as a kid - I adored them. There may still be some in my family's garage, and I may even be interested in rescuing them. I was never a fan of trigger guns, but had I known they could provide immediate shooting consistently I might have been more interested in having them as a part of my arsenal. In any case, I am looking forward to having children to share my love of waterguns with! I just made the mistake of going to the Nerf website (turn your volume down if you're going to click that!) to see what new models they have, and they've introduced fully automated, battery powered guns. Totally lame! The pumping was the best part! Sheesh. In other news, they're other new model has a blast shield! That's a sweet idea. Can you imagine being the lucky duck who got to think these things up? "Geez, maybe I should go have a waterfight with some buddies from work and think about what features might be nice on our new model. I can't believe I get paid for this."

In the interests of giving my life a still more epic flair, I went to a Western Name Generator, had it generate a few names, and decided to name the pigeon "Morris "Dots" McCoy" - because the pigeon has a very distinctly recognizable pattern of dots. Paul is already in bed, so I may have to discss the naming convention with him before announcing that I have shot Morris.

In other news, to go with the theme of my very first birthday gift that I set up for Paul, I purchased one of those multi-colored dyed rainbow roses that are big these days and a nice peach spray rose bunch - got the idea for the rainbow rose from Kori's boyfriend, who sent her a whole dozen for her birthday. In case you missed the original story, back in 2009 when Paul and I had been dating for a few weeks, his birthday rolled around while he was out of town. With the help of my Grandma's garden and his sister's spare key I put a bouquet of flowers in every room in his house, and a rose on his pillow with a note that said, "You filled my life with COLOR. How could I help but do likewise?" It was a hit and he was very emotional about it. The rainbow rose caused his eyes to brim with love tonight again - I adore putting that look on his face, like he's found the very best thing in the world.

In other news, after two full days of nasty sinus headache, this morning I woke up and moved my head, and it didn't hurt. I carefully considered and realized I didn't have a headache today! I proceeded to finish the second job on my pile - finishing the editing on the Stagette photos from July. Still to be done - everything related to Rachel's wedding, as well as all my photos from Image Explorations, and the two shoots I did in Saskatoon. Hopefully I'll have all that started by the middle of next week. Which is a good thing, because I need to have it all finished by Saturday to keep up with my workload for the six weeks or so afterwards! I'm still streamlining my workflow, as I'm not used to being quite this busy on a consistent basis. A great problem to have! And I keep getting better and faster.

Though if I could have one wish, it would be for a filing lackey so whenever I needed a paper, I would only have to say, "I need such and such a paper from this particular file" or when I needed something filed I would only have to hand it to them and say, "This goes in such and such a file, thanks." As it stands I have about 15 solid inches of paper and paper-things to file/sort/manage somehow, and I just finished redoing all the filing for taxes... okay, well that was almost half a year ago. Wow. Maybe I'm doing better than I thought.

I finally have all my client information in one handy place, at least. That's all for now...
Wish I had seen this post before our visit. So glad to hear that you and Paul had enjoyed his birthday so. I'm glad that the roses I got for my birthday helped you with ideas for Paul. The roses are amazingly beautiful and they dry very nicely as well. However, I do feel I should point out that Dave did not get me a whole dozen of them: he got me 7. I have no idea why only 7 (I suspect that's what he could afford) but they are beautiful either way. It was wonderful to see you both again! We'll have to visit again soon.