flying paper

To Begin Again

People moving all the time
Inside a perfectly straight line
Don't you wanna curve away?
And it's such, it's such a perfect day
It's such a perfect day

It's time to start blogging regularly again. Today is not perhaps the best choice, since I am on my second day of a vicious sinus migraine, but the monitor brightness is turned down low and the dawn has barely woken the world, so I am currently good to write. I had such plans for working this week, but I'll have to see how that pans out now that my head is being crushed from the inside out.

The song lyrics above were from my sister-in-law's first dance at her wedding a few days ago. It was a joy to see her and her best friend get married - and watching the joy in her face as she sang along to this song was pretty intoxicating. The day was hot and beautiful with a big blue sky, which was better than rain, which is mostly what this summer has had.

I simply cannot accept that I am already partway through August. What happened to my summer? Well, it rained most of the time. I worked a lot. I went away. Paul's one awesome Uncle, who is an accountant, informed me that I have spent 37% of my summer away from work, and I was a little apalled by the figure. (At the wedding we talked about the downsides of owning home-based small business and methods of limiting time at work so as to have a home-life too.) First, I went to Saskatoon to spend time with friends and family, and then I was back in Edmonton for a week, then I went to Victoria for Image Explorations, the big photo conference I'm thinking of making a yearly affair for the present, and then I was back in Edmonton for a week before coming back to Saskatoon for a week to attend and photograph a friend's recommitment ceremony and then enjoy sitting back at my sister-in-law's wedding.

Paul and I suffered on being apart so much. I went for coffee with a girl whose wedding I just shot in June and whose army husband was deployed to Afghanistan shortly afterwards - he's been gone for a month. She said the army gives army wives and husbands a package on handling the time apart and the first item was, "Enjoy your independence." She was like, "I got married because I wanted to be married, not have independence!" And that's how Paul and I have felt being apart for over half of July. When we've been together we've done some cool things! Paul took me on the Edmonton tram tour, where I enjoyed a stunning view of the river from High Level Bridge from inside an old streetcar complete with squealing of the brakes and rattan seating. It was a cool experience. We've watched a lot of superhero and thriller movies together. We blew bubbles off our balcony, which was super fun - I think I'm going to try and create hardier bubbles from the blog post of a friend.

I've been reading a lot. I'm three books through the Alvin Maker series of Orson Scott Card and currently trying to read Magic Street, which is all kinds of bizarre. I finally read an Agatha Christie novel - my first one ever, started with Murder on the Orient Express. It's a shame so much has changed culturally that it makes things difficult, but I felt pretty pleased with myself when I guessed at the solution partway through and got really close. I've always been one to think outside the box, but mysteries almost always suprise me, so I was a little shocked that I (mostly) figured out a mystery that many of Christie's devoted readers complained was unsolvable given the clues. I enjoyed Poirot, but the constant use of French had me reading the book in front of a computer with Google Translate on permanently. Quelle misère! ("What a hardship", or literally, "What misery!" The French were never ones to understate the situation.) I have also been reading some useful books on Eating Disorders. 

After being offered my choice of show dates for Calories, where I had my panorama show a few months ago, I've decided to have a show during the Fringe of black and white photo collages of Broadway. I'm excited about curating it and taking a year's worth of photographs this year to create a wealth of choices.

My music collection is steadily growing, and with successive Netflix free months for Paul and I, we've discovered or rediscovered many shows. Paul has become hopelessly addicted to Britain's Top Gear, which is sort of about cars and mostly about funny Brits. I have found a few new TV shows and movies to watch, and despite the fact that Netflix's selection isn't excellent, it does have a few gems. I am intending to, one day soon, show Paul an episode or two of Keeping Up Appearances, which was as integral a part of my young televised life as Anne of Green Gables.

Paul and I went randomly exploring near Whyte Ave and discovered the Bulk Barn, which has pretty much everything you can think of as well as things you've never heard of before - such as the raw-est sugar that is legal to sell, spearmint leaves, bread and pancake mixes, every kind of rice and bean known to man... It's pretty awesome, and we plan to shop there lots. We bought $5 worth of candy (licorice jellybeans and spearmint leaves), wheat square cereal, and red peppercorns on our first stop there. I have discovered a little place called Cha Island which has the greatest, most inexpensive iced tea I've ever had. A giant glass is $3.50, and there's pretty much unlimited flavours. I like the summer-y atmosphere there too (it's Tropical Island themed inside) so I'll probably go there lots in winter to cheer myself up!

There is one pigeon that likes our deck because he/she's trying to eat the plants. Paul cited a study that said pigeons have the brain power to remember people who mistreat them, and, purely in the interest of protecting my plants, suggested that I employ a watergun. I haven't picked one up yet, but I will. The pigeon in my garden will be vanquished!

Speaking of our deck, we saw the most incredible rainbow either of us has ever seen from our deck - and it was the first rainbow of three full ones in just a couple of weeks - still wins for the best one though. (Computer won't let me upload it here sadly.)

Whenever I feel down about life, Paul asks me what I am looking forward to. Well, I am looking forward to celebrating Paul's birthday at the newly-opened corn maze (after popping a great deal of antihistamines!) and letting him be a kid. I am looking forward to the possibility of shooting one or two destination weddings this fall/winter - two possibilities have come up, one in Mexico and the other in the Dominican. I am looking forward to depositing some business cash and cheques and paying off my business credit card completely. Not that it will last for long, but it's nice to have it empty for a little while, and I'm still making money! I am looking forward to reading the ten or so books I just requested from the library, and getting to know the library even better. I am looking forward to fall, which will be SO pretty from our balcony.

Many things to look forward to.