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The Many Facets of Joy

...I’m not sure that a faith made up of a list of non-negotiable “truths” is actually faith at all. And too, how is it possible to seek truth when you’re convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you already know it by heart? How can truth affect us, change us, make us into creatures that more resemble Christ if our truths aren’t in some ways fluid and capable of seeping into life’s cracks when we need them to?

I found this statement a few days ago and it was really intriguing. I enjoy considering all sorts of viewpoints, and this guy's writing, criticism, and information is really interesting.

I've had a really awesome few weeks.

Last week Paul took me to The Keg for the first leg of our Anniversary Celebration, which he was in charge of organizing this year. Our actual anniversary was Sunday, but Paul went to the lake with friends that weekend on my encouragement.It turns out that Paul had pretty much directly taken my advice, as the other part of our anniversary celebration was going to see Green Lantern on opening night. It was pretty awesome.

I am newly and utterly addicted to the TV show The Voice, which is so much better than Idol that I almost hate putting them in the same sentence even though they must be compared. I truly enjoy Javier Colon's voice and music choices, and I really hope he wins, or puts out an album anyway. He's pretty much my new favourite singer, and he's doing a ton of my favourite songs to boot. Can't wait to see who wins. And speaking of things I can't wait for, the second season of the British series Sherlock is pretty high on that list. Man, so much entertaining TV has come out in the last year or so.

Thanks to a lovely conversation with my brother-in-law Andrew, whose company I really enjoy, I discovered a radio show called This American Life, and the first episode I listened to made me laugh, cry, and thoroughly enjoy myself.

My massage therapist here, who is a wonderful lady that I really like, asked if I'd be willing to have another male massage therapist who specialized in a particular area to work on me, and if she could shadow and learn. (My body is pretty messed up, and I always thought that was just how things were going to be.) After an hour that was less painful than usual, I could feel how much looser everything was in my back, and as I stood and talked with them, I realized something else  - I was standing on both feet equally, which I don't think I have done since before my teens. Then, as I drove home, I started to feel more myself. They told me it wasn't unusual for that kind of massage to produce an emotional effect, but for me it was almost like rediscovering myself. I came home and excitedly told Paul that this was the most successful medical intervention of any kind that had ever been done on me, and despite the cost, I really wanted to continue treatment with these kind of unprecedented results. Today I still feel much more like myself, able to stand straight and just be. What a wonderful thing to have happen.

The day before that was an even better and crazier day. I've been intermittently posting on Kijiji's friendship and networking column to see if anyone might be interested in befriending us, and one girl answered with particular excitement that her and her fiance would like to meet us. We met, and the results were excellent - we talked for over two hours, I felt like Paul bonded with the girl's fiance and we both enjoyed the meeting a great deal. Here's to a future friendship with really cool people! A whole bunch of other awesome stuff happened that day too, including an informal business meeting that went really well, better even than I expected, and could even land me an ideal (good location in more ways than one) part time job this fall.

I can finally announce publicly what's been going on with me for the last month or so. I purchased a valuable domain name for my business, rebuilt the site from scratch with every possible Search Engine Optimization idea I could find (and I'm still finding more!) and I'm looking forward to a great deal of success - even now, with the site having been up for about ten days with properly keyworded content, there's some more specific searches (Edmonton CD cover design, for example) that I'm already on the front page for. Give me a few more months and we'll see where I rank for the things I care most about ranking for! And here's a link in all its' SEO glory: The website is Edmonton Photographer - Wedding Photographer, Family Portraits, Graphic Design. If you have a website or blog, link to the site: in a post somewhere with pretty keywords like "wedding photographer" or "family photographer" in the link like that, and it will help me out! =) There's a few awesome new shoots on there, too.

I ordered a bunch of eating disorder information from the Library, and found one book that was particularly helpful by a lady named Carolyn Costin called The Eating Disorder Sourcebook. I'd highly recommend it if you or someone you know is suffering from any form or level of eating or activity disorder (activity disorder is most simply described as an addiction to exercise.) Very informative and written mid-way between being for therapists/students and for disordered folks and their families.

We bought three nicer, Costco-variety folding chairs from one of Paul's OT student contacts for $15 to replace (in common use, anyway) our Wal-Mart folding chairs. So far I think that has been a good decision!

Tomorrow I take off for Saskatoon, where I'll be for a whole week, visiting friends and family, and then brother-in-law Andrew and I will carpool on the way back, which is super awesome. Road trip with my dear one tomorrow though. I can't believe I've been married a whole year! I'm looking forward to celebrating Rachel's marriage at the shower on Sunday, and to seeing two of my friends in The Sound of Music on Saturday night. Things are going so well and looking up and feeling so encouraging! It's good to be me this week.
Hooray! I'm always glad to read about the exciting new things happening in your life. :) Happy anniversary!