My thumb has a distinct hue...

Today is a day of packing for our trip. First, though, I had to pack the plants. We'll be gone for ten days, and I'd just bought a couple of healthy new plants from a greenhouse in Saskatoon, so I hope they're all okay when we get back... I started with four healthy and happy plants in the house and a few new ones from the store, and now I have 17 plants in total, with the intent to give away some lovely baby aloe plants to a few friends in Edmonton.

Paul says I have the prettiest plants in the world and he loves them all. *beam*

Why don't you
Just come right out and say it
Even if the words are prob'ly gonna hurt
I'd rather have the truth
than something insincere

I got to meet a whole bunch of friends in Saskatoon, and only missed a few! It's awesome to think just how many people we ended up seeing while we were there, and to remember just how much we are loved. I had the fun of a spontaneous maternity shoot with Criston. She's not quite so far along as to be sporting a basketball-sized tummy yet, but we enjoyed wandering around the inside of the Thorvaldson building on campus with a ready camera. Saskatoon was mostly relaxing and occasionally harried as we tried to see everyone and do everything, but it turned out alright in the end!

Off to the Big Apple in about 17 hours and counting...
Have fun in New York! I am sorry that I missed you, things were just so crazy with finals and getting ready for China! We'll have to visit again soon. Take care <3