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Books, BBQs, and Bandying About

 It's nice to be in Saskatoon again, though I could do without the freezing cold. I only took hoodies from home, no coats, and it's been hovering in the early minuses since we got here. So far there's been rain and snow and hail and the occasional burst of sunshine. Saskatchewan never really makes up its mind on such things.

I've spent most of my time here so far visiting with friends and family, and eating at restaurants I haven't been to yet, or at least only rarely. We're a little stressed about being able to rent our condo in Saskatoon out in May, but we'll see what happens in these next two weeks while we're away. We're investing in the $20 a week it takes to keep our ad at the top of the heap, because not having it rented, even for a few months, would really take a nasty bite out of our finances. 

So far Paul and I visited his friend Michelle at New Island Sushi, where I discovered tempura for the first time with great appreciation, though sushi is still the grossest food I can imagine and I couldn't even bring myself to sample anything - I truly find it revolting. Food is not an area that I claim to be particularly adventurous in, at least not ethnically. I'll eat lots of different cultural foods and love them, sure, but I draw the line at anything seafood related or unidentifiable, and I never have been all that fond of meat that's still on the bone. I'm a spoiled prairie city girl, I know, but when one has choices in life, I believe they must be taken advantage of. Ken and Mark accompanied us to the Mandarin, a dim sum place, though while we were there they didn't have any carts going around. The food was still lovely though, and sticky rice in a vine leaf (with a tasty pork center) tastes quite nice.
We attended the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra Book Sale, a great fundraiser for the SSO that also enables Paul and I to purchase books at $1-2 each. I bought two books of poetry, and Paul and I each bought a children's book for the future - his was Dinotopia which has great art and cute stories, and mine was a lovely book of nonsense stories and poems for kids. I adored non-sense stories as a kid. We also picked up most of the Anne of Green Gables series, all in different covers. Eventually I'll have purchased everything in one style and I'll let these others go again, I've already got three in that style now, but for the moment the text matters more for a $1 unlimited time rental fee!

One thing I forgot to mention is that after some discussion, Paul and I bought ourselves a new propane BBQ last week which was on sale at Wal-Mart, and it took me the better part of an afternoon to put it together, which I enjoyed immensely. I love putting stuff together from parts, especially furniture and small appliances like this one.

Then I proceeded to get the propane tank at Canadian Tire afterwards. The guy who unlocked the little cage where they keep the filled propane tanks was a real character, and asked me if I'd seen a particular action movie. I thought I had so I said yes, and he proceeded to be like, "You know that scene with the oxygen tank that explodes? *insert more detail here* Well, don't let anything hit this dial, because that was oxygen but this is propane." I was properly warned, and thought to myself that his explanation had scared me into safety a great deal more than Paul's lecture on safe tank handling earlier that day. Perhaps this ought to be the standard propane tank handling video... the clip from that movie with big white block letters saying, one screen fade at a time, "That was oxygen. This is propane. Don't do anything stupid."

The next four days are to be filled with more gallivanting, the takedown of the Calories show at an obscenely early hour, Palm Sunday mass, and other lovely things. It's bizzare to think that we'll be in NYC in less than a week! Today while we were out with my parents, my Aunt gave us all the remaining american cash from our last NY trip, a substantial amount, and we were very grateful. It helps that our dollar is better than the american dollar right now (long live bank loan regulations) and this trip was at good timing. My grandma also had Easter cards and gifts for us all as well. 
All in all, it's a great beginning to our holiday. Now I just need to figure out how we can vote in the federal election via mail, since our trip covers both the advance polls and voting day. I have the forms, I just need to pick up a package from the constituency office in our riding when we get back. It's troubling to think that so few Canadians would go to the trouble of voting at all, much less filling out forms like that.
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