Mr. Bennet, library

High Tea

And I said "What about Breakfast at Tiffany's?"
She said "I think I remember the film
And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it"
And I said "Well, that's the one thing we've got"

Paul was playing that song on Grooveshark the other day, and he sings snatches of it at random intervals, as he sings snatches of many songs at intervals. It's not unusual to hear Matchbox 20, Regina Spektor, and the Beatles within minutes of each other when Paul gets into a sing-ative mood. I still smile whenever I see our two internet handles together (singingbiped  and newsong ) because they fit so nicely together. Mainly I see them when logging into our bank account, which is terribly unromantic, but one must stop typing and enjoy the digital roses every now and then.

Today Paul and I had the planned and long-awaited pleasure of enjoying High Tea at Rutherford House's Arbour Restaurant, a historical mansion-turned-restaurant and, best of all, High Tea provider. It was awesome - neither Paul nor I had managed to sit down to High Tea before, and today we went all out. We sat down after a stressful day (wherein the Paul finished writing a 12 page research proposal and the Twyla tried to finish as much business-y stuff as humanly possible and tidy the house before vacationing) and the world completely faded away. We then proceeded to talk about why Global Warming, like the Acid Rain fad of the past, is being over-indulged to the deficit of more pressing and more provable environmental concerns. We talked about the history of the AIDS funding movement. We ate turkey pot pie, scones and dainties, and more.

Finally, Paul said, "So now that we're done saving the world..." but we both felt very proper and English and sophistimacated and stuff. There was much pinky pointing and discussion of the proper order of tea ingredients (milk and sugar first for the upper crust, to show that your servants knew how to prepare your tea perfectly to your liking) and the history of rosemary which is easily my favourite natural scent.

There was clotted cream. Paul, after his trip to England, thinks clotted cream is the nectar of the gods, and I can't say I blame him, it was pretty amazing. I was partial to the whipped butter and raspberry jam mixed with the cream for my hot scone. We had miniature egg salad and cucumber sandwiches for ready money! They weren't out of cucumbers at the market this time, Aunt Augusta would be pleased. Twyla Universe Points for all who get the reference.

And we moved on to discuss our options for this NYC trip, for which we are excited. I found out we'll be there for the peak of Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Cherry Blossom season.

All this thanks to a Groupon I bought months ago that was about to expire! We'll definitely be going back though, it was a wonderful experience.

Paul took me there via the Hub, the U of A's indoor Euro-style hallway market, a narrow, fast-paced, food-scented mall with a glass atrium and student residences built up towards the sky. I was instantly won over, and partly by how easy it was to eavesdrop on one or two sentences of people's conversation. I overheard a guy talking about "a prayer room, for you know, super religious people" and Paul overheard two people comparing how their Mom's are masters about guilt tripping them. Such a fantastic place for people-watching. Maybe I'll have to do my "overheard" art project there, one of the several I've had in mind for years.

Then tonight after someone finally bought my wedding reception decor (I've been trying to sell it for MONTHS) Paul and I picked up the next Anne book from the Main Library, where a bunch of teenage rapper-wannabe white boys were making jokes that they obviously thought were original. Gems like, A: "I'm calling my Dad, shut up!" B:"You mean your drug dealer?" It was... sad. I referred to it later as a "caricature of life" and Paul thought that was apt. Moments later as we left for the evening the wannabe walking about 20 feet in front of us hitched up his low rider pants with a great deal of difficulty and I had a good laugh at his expense. I weep for the future of the world some days.

We're leaving for Saskatoon tomorrow, and I already have 3 fun friend dates planned, and about five business things to do. It's our last time in Saskatoon for at least a couple of months, unless there's a need for a business trip.

I think it's time to devote more time and energy to blogging again after that much-to-long first year of marriage hiatus, so I'm going to try blogging the NYC trip, and I'll attempt to blog the Saskatoon trip as well. I keep realizing as I write just how much I enjoy blogging. I'll probably reinstate a private mode as well, so if anyone is interested in continuing to read my posts on a regular basis, you might want a LiveJournal account so I can friend you.
I also really love high tea (especially clotted cream, yummy!) and really love cherry blossoms. They are all out here, and I've taken a few pictures, but I don't think they do the trees justice. :P