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A bit about life

My friend Leah and I had a wonderfully long talk the other day. I was talking, as usual, about changing myself. She said to be careful not to change the immutable parts of me, and I said I wished I knew what those were. She responded with something I've known and understood in the past, but never articulated quite as well as she did, I think. She said, "You are a collector of beauty. You collect beautiful things in your camera, and you collect beautiful people. It's why all your friends like each other, and why people like your artwork."

I realized at that point that I may have been going about things the wrong way. I've been feeling moody again, moody and overloaded. I've got a big show coming up, which is a lovely collection of beauty, but the setup involved has been fairly intensive. I have a few shoots coming up and I've just launched a new QuickDeals idea for Admire to fill up a bit more of my time with photography. I think increasing my supply of beautiful things and people is the key to unlocking my potential for good changes. I feel better about myself and take better care of myself when my beauty quota is filled and balanced between art and people.

I collected a beautiful husband some months ago. According to my never-updated countdown, I have been married for 250 days now. Valentines was fun. A couple of weeks before the day, I created 20 "kissing cards" with different ideas for creative kisses (many of which coming from a cute book I picked up at a garage sale) and gave them to Paul, he had to choose ten for himself to enact towards me and ten for me to set in motion for him. A lot of extra kissing ensued, augmented by pirate maps of the house, sticky notes with Xs hidden all over, very pleasant elevator rides, themed kisses, frequent fish kissing, and more. Paul and I went to the West Ed waterpark on V-day itself with the Groupons we bought a few months ago, it was not very busy at all and we enjoyed whooshing at ridiculous speeds and being buoyed up by waves. We had a great day.

I've been posting quite a bit recently on the Admire Studios blog, if anyone wants to check that out.