holy holy holy

Know the Territory

Behold Him there the risen Lamb,
My perfect spotless righteousness,
The great unchangeable I Am,
The King of glory and of grace,
The King of glory and of grace

Every once and awhile life gets really eventful and then I realize I really need to post an entry because someday I'm going to wonder about these things we did here in Edmonton...

Cathleen and Kori came here last weekend. I took them to The Rack for supper, a really awesome and very popular pool hall/restaurant. The next day was setup for the show, and this year's setup was better than the last trade show by 50% at least! My dear friends and I really enjoyed spending time together, and the trade show was a resounding success - looks like I even booked two weddings on the spot. I have dozens and dozens of followup phone calls to make.

A few days ago Paul and I made our second trip to Ikea. This time we bought a nice upright narrow shelf, which has already made my office-corner into so much less of a windswept mess that it nearly looks organized. We also picked up trestles (fancy name for the self-standing table supports one uses with an independent glass tabletop) that have, for $20, transformed the dumpster-dived glass tabletop I picked up back in Saskatoon into a lovely and useful dining table for us. Among our other acquisitions at Ikea was a new garbage can for the bathroom (it was full practically every other day) and under-bed storage units which should make the clothing situation less disastrous. The whole house looks better, except for the messes created by two weeks of crazy.

That same day we also managed to rid ourselves of a large box of stuff at the back door of the nearby Value Village, and we tried out IHOP (the International House of Pancakes for those of you who've never heard of them) with a success so resounding that Paul and I actually went there again today to sample their lunch food - both times with a 45 minute wait time. Absolutely worthwhile, and all the food other people ordered that passed by us was mouthwatering, too. I've never seen Paul take to a restaurant like that before. Perhaps it's just the lack of actually good breakfast food in Saskatoon.

On Thursday we took in an absolutely excellent presentation of The Music Man, which is on both Paul's and my list of favourite musicals. We got lost because I forgot the address and didn't realize there were four Grant McEwan campuses in Edmonton... But in the end we made it just as the lights went low and in time for the first song - my favourite. (But ya gotta know the territory!) We loved it, it was high class - I guess an Arts college put it on, so they have some of the cream of the crop, but I have to admit it was pretty spectacular.

Last night Paul and I went to a BreakForth Worship Concert - which was always my favourite part of BF anyway. Paul Baloche, the man who wrote our wedding introductory song, started off with some great music. Another guy whose music I'd never heard but who reminded me of John Mayer's distinctive acoustic and vocal slide style sang us a song he'd written that very day, and I really loved it! Can't wait for it to get tweaked and recorded. And someone who mainly writes country (Don Poythress) led us in Before the Throne Of God Above, which is such a beautiful and spiritually significant hymn that is rarely heard. It was a wonderful experience all in all. Until Desperation Band - the lyrics and very heavy rock style left something to be desired there and we left a bit early. Also, Brian Doerksen's new and bouncy stuff is not nearly as good as his last album, which made me sad.

I did a boudoir shoot in a hotel near Breakforth yesterday, so Paul and I stayed there after the concert - we bought a few books from the late-night bookstore on Jasper on the walk back - including more Anne books for great prices. The hotel was a total dive, but the staff were nice, the complimentary breakfast wasn't too bad, the guaranteed parking less than ten blocks from Breakforth was helpful, and the hot tub we enjoyed in the morning was lovely and warm. Today I wandered around the free area of Breakforth and the bookstore, and got in touch with a travel agent that had a booth there who might be able to help us find a nice resort in Varadero, Cuba - our chosen destination for P&T's Big Giant Vacation 2011. I also found some other cool things and bought myself a CD (of the new song guy) and Paul a CD (Paul Baloche's newest album). We really enjoyed worshiping together last night, and after the disappointment of the boudoir shoot (four people booked and only one showed - one cancelled and two no-shows - one good shoot at least) it was a really good way to come into God's grace and relax after disappointment.

I bought a new lens, but it's not really what I need, so I'm going to take it back and continue the search for that elusive fit... The one lens I bought earlier has transformed my photography in a good way, and now I need to take it up yet another level. Tomorrow will be partly a day of lens shopping I think.

And I think I've covered all the eventful stuff... Coming to Saskatoon this fast-approaching next weekend, which should be a good opportunity to connect with friends and family.

Wash away, wash away
Wash away everything but You

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I'm always glad to hear the temperature and weather in Twyla-land! Thanks for keeping us posted on your exciting life. :D

Cuba is awesome because it's so hot. I definitely loved being there over spring break when it was soooo cold in Saskatoon.

It's too bad people didn't show up! Boo no-shows! D: But I'm glad you feel good about the progress of Admire and it's only going up from here! :D
Sorry to hear about the boudoir shoot not turning out. People had seemed so excited about it - and you're such an awesome photographer!

But I am glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend with Paul. It was so good to visit with Cathleen last week. Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality. <3!