exists, loch ness monster

Out on the Town

Are you out there somewhere
Come where I can see
Closer, closer,
Closer to me

It was high time for a journal re-decorate, what with all the other locations in my life changing. I found these gazing penguins sweet and cute, and thought they'd be a good look for this journal. But now every time I do anything on this journal, I'm totally weirded out by the white background. Status of the penguins? Still cute. Guess it can become a seasonal backdrop lately. Which somehow matches my newly re-awakened love affair with Vivaldi's masterwork.

Two of my very bestest friends are coming this weekend, which will make this week perhaps the most social and interesting week I've had in Edmonton yet. Yesterday I met eight stranger-girls of various ages and familial statuses, drawn together by fondue. The Melting Pot, which Paul praised as an excellent name for a fondue place, was an expensive but worthy affair, combining mouthwatering fondue foods with three hours of social time. I hope to enjoy the company of a number of these girls again, we had a lot of fun and laughs, and I appreciate the chance to hang out with random people, especially since my lonely condition has become acute these few weeks since my splurge of daily hobnobbing. I must have seen over twenty friends over Christmas break!

Not to be even remotely content with a night out on the town on Monday night, today I got a phone invitation to go for lunch with my new sister (I've never been a big fan of the hyphenated "in-law" thing. Makes people seem less like family.) Sarah, whom I've found out through a few recent chats on Facebook has a great many things in common with me, including a poetic streak, a tendency towards hyperbole, and a fairly new husband to enjoy. We discussed lots of different things over a several hour lunch at Tim Hortons to celebrate her day off work, and it cheers me that I have two new sisters to enjoy and I no longer have to be the mere only child thanks to a trick of marriage.

Not to stop there, either! Tomorrow I plan on joining one of my Kijiji friendship contacts for lunch at a Greek restaurant, and on a slightly less social but long-awaited note, I'm planning on attending my first ever paid guitar lesson with a group of other guitar junkies tomorrow evening.

And then comes the weekend, a trade show so ridiculously huge that I have five people (including myself and Paul) staffing the booth! Today I received my first item in the mail - a gorgeous show album for Bridal Fantasy that made me simultaneously speechless and so bouncy I nearly burst from my skin. My work looks SO good! To top it all off, it's possible I'll have another one before the conference, if it isn't just totally lost in the mail. It is two weeks late, but the company rectified the situation, thus this copy has arrived. I was so excited, I've been waiting for it since mid-December. And this week heralds the arrival of more beautiful things that should help me to book amazing weddings - I just booked one recently and the girl wants to do photos in the candy store on Whyte Ave!

Lots of exciting things are happening to make me a very happy person indeed!

I stumbled upon an automated video maker that creates a brief video of all your uploaded images strung together, here it is, to be enjoyed!

Hooray! It sounds like lots of good and exciting times are had :D I'm glad you're meeting people and making connections and friendships! That's wonderful.