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No Resolutions

So this is the new year
and I have no resolutions
no self-assigned penance
no problems with easy solutions

Tonight I am feeling extremely hopeful about the New Year for a great many reasons. This year, the new year came upon me without a great deal of circumstance, pomp, resolution-making, or even looking back - it merely arrived as befits the passage of time in general when one isn't paying a great deal of attention: quietly and without warning.

This Christmas holiday has been a lovely mashup of friends, family, food, reading and relaxing, being together without the pressures of constant deadlines looming over our heads, and being home. Or at least in the place that used to be home. Sometimes it's hard to tell these days after the crazy moving around of last year. Paul's arms are my home now, and maybe Edmonton, or maybe Saskatoon, who knows. We were at Ricki and Philip's wedding on the 30th, it was beautiful and moving and exciting, so amazing to see someone I care so much about get married. And part of her vows to him were that her arms would always be his home. I appreciate that a great deal after this last year.

Tonight Paul and I had a talk about food planning for next year and decided that the excess cost of having a zillion varieties of fruit and veggies lying about the fridge and countertops at all times was well worth it. I'm looking forward to eating a few more green things this year, but it's not really a resolution, just something we randomly discussed on the first day of 2011. Last night we were in Regina playing board games with some of Paul's cousins, a tradition I enjoy. I was told by Paul's board game-obsessed cousin that I'm a terrible shuffler, which I take as a challenge to be able to shuffle like a dealer by the next time I see him. It's been on my to do list for years anyway. But I was never one to let stuff go, and this is no exception.

Tonight I saw my friend Michael, which was a bit bittersweet because he's over in Ontario now and I see him once or twice a year. Life moves on and people move around. It was a joy to spend some time with him again, and with all the people from this home, but a small, secret part of me is looking forward to three days from now coming home to our beautiful apartment in Edmonton, the place I am beginning to call home. So many transitions in this life... So many changes.

Last year was full of crazy, I hope this year will be quieter, perhaps a bit more progressive in some ways, and full of dreams - more dreams to become reality in a slow and steady haze...
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Love, your also-refusing-to-make-resolutions friend