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Christmas Fits

So far this Christmas has been full of all the things it's supposed to be filled with - joy, peace, love, wonder, family, and excellent food! Paul thoughtfully gave me a guitar stand to encourage me to play more often, I got a host of nifty things including a tiny miniature camera ornament from my Grandma, cash from my Mom which is probably going to go towards buying the amazing Bose earbuds I have been drooling over, and all sorts of other things. People seemed to really like the gifts from us as well! Tonight we went tobogganing, I've been singing carols alongside my lovely-voiced husband, and we've had some time to just relax and enjoy life - like when we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol. Soon there's to be more revelry as my best friend gets married. Life is going very well.

Merry Christmas, everyone!