christmas kermit

Glad and Golden Hours

When ye beneath life's crushing load
Whose forms are bending low
That toil along the climbing way,
With painful steps and slow
Look now, for glad and golden hours
Come swiftly on the wing
Oh, rest beside the weary road
And hear the angels sing...

These last several weeks have been a gradual ascent from chaos to order, as well as a great deal of work to make it so. We have unearthed the contents of dozens of boxes, which ended up covering the chair in our prayer corner
in a haphazard pile of cardboard. I thought at the time that this was a pretty decent metaphor for my spiritual life at present, though I think it is getting better.

We have had a CouchSurfer, Jeremias from Germany, for a couple of days last week. We had some interesting intellectual conversation with him about Canada. We also kept him up late one night because Paul was working on an essay and I had to upload some files online after he was done, so it was nearly one in the morning by the time I got to bed and midnight for Paul. By now, those files have turned into products - some very snazzy Tea-themed cards to sell alongside my other photography at Cuppa T. I'm considering offering them to some of the other loose-leaf tea providers here in Edmonton as well. I'm really pleased with them. I ordered through my new pro-photography supplier and I'm quite impressed with their product line and services so far. I'm actually blissfully pleased with this particular order. =)

Marriage continues to be a warm and comfortable experience. And I quote Paul's latest cuteness, "Do you like being held this way? Good. It seemed like a good way to hold a wife!" I bought him a rose the other day since I knew he was stressed about schoolwork. Now he's finished his big assignments and we had the weekend here, finally.
Last weekend in Saskatoon marked my participation in the Global Ted phenomenon, by photographing the TEDxSaskatoon 2010 event. I got to hear some inspiring talks on various ideas worth sharing, like the importance of educating women in the third world about water, new ideas about art in health care, and how the internet is the new "open door policy" in a closed door society. I was inspired and enjoyed talking to the speakers, especially Jeff Nachtigall, who has invited Paul and I for a personal tour of the Sherbrooke Long Term Care Home art facility, for which event Paul and I both are extremely excited. I finally finished editing the images today. They can be found here.
Later that same day Paul and I went to a very happy event in Clavet - a 25th anniversary party for his Aunt and Uncle, hosted and DJed by their kids. It made me cry, and it made me look over in love at the man I married and hope for a similar event in my own future.
I am becoming more and more pleased with Edmonton. It's fantastic to live here on Whyte Ave. - just like I used to dream about living on Broadway in Saskatoon.
There's certainly some downsides to being an adult, no matter where you live. Today I spent nearly all day dealing with various levels of bueaucracy and busywork from losing a keycard inside the building while erranding and having to get it replaced to getting bloodwork done and talking to my new pharmacy about their ability to order in an ingredient of the moisturizing cream I need made up. I spent a good deal of today on the phone with an insurance company, and another hour with Paul at another one, getting a policy written up because it was required. Such a great many random adult things to do. 
Paul and I tried out a new church here, the C3 church, whch is apparently its own denomination of church-planting churches. There were a lot of plusses to the church and not a lot of downsides, so we'll probably go back in two weeks when we're both back in Saskatoon. Paul and I also made first use of our prayer corner, sharing parts of favourite books with each other. It was a good experience, and despite some low times in spirituality for me in the last while, things seem to be looking up on the whole.

Christmas is coming soon, and after a few recent conversations with friends (a great joy these days in a lonely place), I know that two good friends will be in Saskatoon this Christmas. My friend Michael, in fact, honored me by saying that I have first place after his parents for someone he wants to see. That made me smile inside and out.
 I've got a big, important photo gig tomorrow via Equinox, which I am hoping I will feel secure about. Life is starting to get a bit more settled here now. I'm pretty grateful for that.