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Loss and Gain

You belong here
You were meant for me
You belong here
You were meant to be with me

It has been a ridiculously eventful several days.

Last Friday Paul and I went for lunch with some of his co-workers, where I met them for the first time. Afterwards we finished the packing and headed into Saskatoon.

The next day we picked up the Uhaul and packed it with the help of some friends. I was a bit worried about Uhaul after reading dozens of bad reviews from some big cities in the US, but my experience was actually awesome. Apparently there's way more reason to worry in Chicago than my little city! We'll certainly use Uhaul again. Paul and I went to see a futon and then despite Paul's dubiousness on the couch-ness of said futon, we purchased it based on cost, quality, looks, and the fact that I loved it because it was a fantastic lounging couch. It's growing on Paul already. I ran a few errands while people were packing the truck, including purchasing a fountain I absolutely adore. Kijiji is making my life more awesome all the time.

Sunday morning Paul's Mom bought us a McDonald's breakfast, we filled up on gas, and then we drove. I drove the truck and they drove in the car together. It was glorious, I listened to assorted music for six hours, which felt like no time thanks to the tunes. We got here in the afternoon and found out that our leasing agent had forgotten to give the security guy any information about us. He made some calls and after a few mishaps we managed to iron things out and find the key. The guy was really helpful, though!

The day after moving in, I was going to go do some important errands, so I took my purse and realized my wallet wasn't in it. Well, I'd remembered seeing someone walk in with it the evening before so it had to be around somewhere. Cue two entire days of frantic unpacking and worrying. My life is in that wallet. Finally, Paul called his Mom and did his usual on-the-phone wanderings and came back holding the wallet. He found it just as he was telling his Mom we had given up. It was hiding under a suitcase in the closet that we had somehow overlooked.

On a much nicer note, this place has felt like home from the first time we walked into it. Paul and I were instantly comforted and comfortable here, and I am loving this place. I might even be a little disappointed to go back home to our old place after this! It's roomy, very well designed, and the amenities are incredible. I'm super excited to be living here.

Tonight Paul and I had a celebratory home-made taco salad before heading down to the pool, where I began our swimming lessons. We started right at the beginning, since Paul hasn't done much in the water since ten years ago when his allergy to chlorine meant his eyes would swell shut if he went underwater. Thankfully, the pool here is a salt water pool, and this is an adult facility. So it was quite appropriate that I begin teaching Paul the curriculum I was teaching three and four year olds back when I had my lifeguarding and teaching certifications - blowing bubbles in the water. Of course, I sped up quite a bit from there. We had fun, and Paul is getting a bit more comfy in the water. I'm thrilled that we might be able to swim laps together before we leave here.

An update on my health is probably in order. It seems my ear is starting to drain the liquid in my eardrum and I am starting to hear a bit better, though the tinnitus I've had for weeks is only slightly better. On a much more encouraging note, the ridiculously potent meds they've put me on now are working - my skin is healthier than it has been in years, and now that the stress is going down it should get even better. Still having scalp issues though, I'm thinking of trying to soak my hair and scalp in yogurt every once in a while to keep it from being so dry cheaply and naturally.

I've been sitting here snacking on Blueberry Cinnamon goat cheese and rustic flatbreads while working on my latest shoot's photo edits - here's a sampler of the finished ones.

Looks like myself and the company I was in talks with for business partnership have finally gotten some things finalized. I've booked a few major shoots and a few minor ones in the last few days, and had the pleasure of finishing a heraldry shield for my friend Micah a few days ago. (That's also on the other blog.) Tons is happening, and it's a great thing.

Seriously looking forward to TEDx on Saturday!
Awesome! It's good to hear how everything is coming together! I'm glad your ear is getting better D: and your skin too! That's awesome. :D And it was super cute to read that you're teaching Paul to swim. Those are important life survival skills!