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Christmas Is Coming

Gloria, in excelsis deo

I do believe that now that it's November, it's about time to start listening to Christmas tunes! I have always considered the first of November free license for Christmas carols. I've already broken out the Josh Groban and all my old favourites! It's a nice way to downplay the onset of winter, I think. And because my 410 songs (one entire day's non-stop music, according to Itunes) aren't enough... I am accepting recommendations of favourite Christmas albums and songs, friends. I am super excited for my first Christmas as a married woman. I was reminiscing about some wonderful moments with Paul today. =)

I keep not posting because I feel like nothing has happened and life just keeps on chugging like one of those little Christmas trains. Around. Hey look, it's a tree. Around again. Huh, that tree looks familiar. It's certainly better than that, but it's hard not to notice the tree going by yet again some days. Paul's appearance every evening certainly lessens the boredom, as his giant tacklehug and constant protestations of how much he loves me make the days much happier.

Interesting things have happened, too. I had a birthday party for one, where everyone was costumed. I got some lovely gifts as well, including a gift card to a bookstore. Paul and I are such bookstore addicts. I usually consider the nearness of Halloween to my birthday a nuisance, but I had limited time to organize this time. I really do enjoy the side of Halloween where you get to dress up as something cool and maybe even get in character. I went as a medieval barmaid this year, and Paul as the Phantom of the Opera. A number of our friends came in different disguises.

In my latest enjoyment of sign language and courtesy of Jadon, I found CaptainValor on YouTube, a master Sign-to-song artist. I've been enjoying his musical taste and have started sampling a number of the artists he signs to. And I think I safely know a few dozen of the alphabet signs. I'll keep hacking at it. I am considering an introductory class in Edmonton as well, which Paul approves of heartily. There's so many languages I want to learn, but I think I've settled on ASL as my official second language pursuit now.

Tomorrow I'll be packing up our stuff and Paul and I will be leaving for Saskatoon on Friday afternoon, when we'll be moving. I have had quite a few responses to my Kijiji ad for friends and have responded to a few folks myself. I have a number of interesting folk lined up for coffee when I get back and a big city, which I must say I prefer.

I just booked a wedding in Edmonton in June, and I have a portrait session the day after we move in, which is a bit tight for time but I am looking forward to it nonetheless. I am searching for a nice water fountain and a futon, and may have found both already. I have been working on a web project. I sent some tester images to a new pro printing company. Things are moving right along.

Paul and I had a discussion about how to affect some change in our spiritual lives, and we've decided to create a dedicated space in our new home for prayer, worship, and meditation - we're both looking forward to this. We're also discussing other physical ways of continuing to create that space, such as adopting a practice of wearing a prayer shawl (nifty video on the Jewish Tallit under the cut) to create a space immediately around ourselves, due to a lack of walls. We have a few other ideas as well - the water fountain is one of them, since lakes, brooks and rivers have been my prayer place of choice, so I'd like to try and replicate that as much as I can as well as having softly running water in the house in general. I'm excited about executing this, and I think it will improve our spirituality as well - a good way to dedicate our house together, too.

So those are just some of the things that are in process or have happened recently.
dear Twyla LOVE YOU very MUCH am very proud of you and pleased with your accomplishments. you future is bright and BLESSED. Happy 25th birthday. love. your geen