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Meadow Lake

Kiss me goodbye,
I'm defying gravity
And you won't bring me down


So here I am in Meadow Lake, waiting for the very slow dryer to finish working at our sheets. I put my husband to bed on the hide-a-bed an hour or so ago because he has to work in the morning.
I started packing to come out here on Tuesday last week, just a little bit of packing that day, as we were still living in our little yellow room. Wednesday saw more packing, a crapload of work, a phonecall saying we'd been approved for our place downtown, and my left ear started hurting intermittently.

Thursday was a mash-up of different business meetings and a chiropractor appointment (I <3 my new chiropractor. He's amazing.) Then Thursday night, we went for desserts to Paul's sister Sarah and husband Andrew's place and had a nice visit, though all of us were practically about to keel over with exhaustion. We also dropped off a few boxes with them since we knew we weren't going to be able to fit everything in the car. I forgot to give them a few things, unfortunately, which made packing the car more challenging than I would have liked.

Afterwards despite Paul's exhaustion I asked for a bit of help packing and made use of my second wind to completely finish all the packing, save the contents of the fridge. My ear started hurting more. In the morning we re-booked our lease-signing for a bit later. I packed the car to the bursting point. We strapped on the bike carrier. Four times. Then we took off to our lease signing, which was nice because it confirmed that the place we truly wanted was ours. And then we took off for Saskatoon.

We stopped in Lloydminster at the hospital that evening on the way home to get ear drops, as the ear infection that had been developing all week was obviously raging and in need of medication. I still can't hear well out of my left ear and I'm hoping that it will truly start to fade soon.

Our place for the month in Meadow Lake is lovely, and so is the country around here. I look forward to exploring.

In Saskatoon over the weekend we had turkey dinner at Paul's Mom's place, and lunched at Earls with my parents. We also ran a number of errands, one of which was going to Don's Photo to look at lenses. And like going to the pound to look at puppies, rarely does one come home empty handed.

Flashback to a few days ago. Paul spent the whole week studying for a myriad of midterms and assignments, and to enable us to do so despite roommates we spent a great deal of time at the local Second Cup with multiple white hot chocolates - I probably mentioned that in a previous post, as I have a distant memory of writing about it. I was reading Dane Sanders' Fast Track Photographer while Paul studied, and I had a moment of feeling quite insecure and unhappy with my photography. So, with no other pressing matters to think on, I sat and tried to decide what I needed to get to the next level with my photography. I came up with a few things, but I had an absolute epiphany about lenses - what the pros around me were doing, and what kind of photographs I found most attractive and was unable to replicate. In hindsight, I probably bought the wrong intro lens, though it has served me well and it wasn't too far wrong. But that was 2007, and I had no idea what I'd be specializing in.

So on Saturday I waded through ten or more lenses at Don's and picked up the simplest one that fit the bill, a 50mm prime... And there's another aftermarket lens I'm drooling after. If I had my way, it would be my birthday present for myself - the Tokina 11-16 wide angle zoom lens, one that Nikon doesn't even make. The eventual plan is to be shooting with two camera bodies - my D300 and the D700 full frame, and have my 50, my 11-16, and a long distance prime. For now, however, I have a great all-around ceremony lens for the fast work of weddings and a lovely portrait lens for the rest of my shoots.

Today was the first day of work for my dearest love. He came home with a huge smile and said he'd had fun and got to play with kids and that they made him sign a big confidentiality agreement... But that much I'm sure I can say he played with kids without violating anything!

I've now got pretty much my entire computer setup on the roller cart that used to house the TV here, it's a pretty great setup, and I'm looking forward to starting my October projects. I can't believe it's already SO late in the year. My favourite season has already fallen. I'm hoping everything goes this fast and we'll get to come back to Saskatoon.

On the way out to Meadow Lake, my husband asked me what my goals were for this summer and we suggested some goals together and for each other. We have a few co-goals. One of which is that we're using some of the money from his work investment cash out to vacation - possibly in Cuba. We're going to try our hand at a sitting-like-lumps vacation, since we always go sightseeing and come back even more exhausted than we were before going on a so-called vacation.

I am really interested in learning sign language. I've been inspired to learn it a dozen times before, but I've finally committed to that dream. I know there's a real need for sign interpreters, and I think that it's something I'd be really good at. That and guitar are big goals of mine. I also want to pursue another fine art project so I can try showing my work in a show again. It worries me that I don't have a great handle on what I want to accomplish in these next two years... I guess those things are all worthy choices. I just feel like I should be doing something more, something special. I guess the next big one is the personal improvement - I want to halve my weight, exercise more, and eat healthier. This is achievable, more so than I've ever felt it was before. And I need to work on my spirituality. So that's a few of my goals for the next little while, especially including next summer.

My ear is feeling just a bit better today and I'm sure it will heal soon. Which is good, because it makes it much easier to enjoy Glee.

I'm getting lonely these days - anyone who is interested in Skyping with me ought to add me, just comment! And we have unlimited North American long distance in our place here, so if you're missing me, let me know you want the number...

Today is the four monthiversary of our marriage. (I looked up the latin today and decided the actually correct term would be mensiversary, because I'm nerdy like that. Also possible would be Ricki's version, lunaversary. Poll?) As I was saying to Paul, marriage is good, but life is hard. At least we have each other to get through it all. One big hug and a grin from my husband can make all my cares melt away sometimes.