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Soon-to-be New Place In Edmonton

Yeah, this is home
I've been searching for a place of my own
Now I've found it

In a long awaited trip, Paul and I went to Windsor Park Plaza and Lofts this morning to look at a couple of places. This is the building we've been hoping to move into since before we came here - the one with the pool, the fitness facility, the boardrooms, the library, and the private big screen theatre room - and the only things that don't come with your rent are parking (which is underground, heated, and security patrolled at least, since a person must pay extra for it) and phone and internet. Also, it's a five minute walk, if that, to the Rehab Sciences building on campus - no more commuting for the Paul.

So it was a pretty all-inclusive place that would encourage us to live life to the fullest as our current basement hole is certainly not. (Although Paul took me to the nearby Second Cup yesterday so he could study comfortably. I am newly addicted to Second Cup's White Hot Chocolate. It is better than pretty much ever hot beverage I have ever had in my life and it's my new best friend when it's cold outside.) We were really, really, really hoping to get a place there, and Paul and I were very nervous. I was so nervous I totally lost my sense of direction and walked around nearly the whole building several times in different directions before finding the right door.

We waited for the girl who was supposed to show us around because she was running late (which was good for me), and then we looked at two lofts - both on the bad light side of the building, and we came out the door of the second place feeling quite unhappy - neither were what we wanted, but we still really wanted a place at Windsor Park. We'd already talked to the lady about leasing for longer than a year, and that was fine - so we'd have the place until Paul finished school... We'd really been hoping that would be possible, and the girl said she was sure the manager would okay it. But we were stumped. So I asked if there were any one bedrooms available - a step up. And she looked at the list of vacancies and found one that was just barely over our official limit on what we were hoping the rent would be.

We went up the elevator to the 20th floor and the door opened right on the room that she was going to show us. She knocked and we waited for the current occupant to be ready, and then she opened the door - to a giant window overlooking Whyte Ave., which is the Broadway-like artsy area of Edmonton near campus, and my favourite part of the city. I was immediately in love. And then she started showing us around. There's even a storage area in it the size of our old laundry room, maybe bigger - and it had a dishwasher. The kitchen was a full kitchen, unlike the little suites we'd been looking at. Overall, it was exactly what we were looking for. We walked out and I was all pins and needles, hoping Paul, like me, agreed that the cost was worthwhile. We were talking moments after we left the place about being able to host guests - it was an ideal environment with a nice little peninsula of the kitchen counter jutting into the living room - the perfect place for a bouquet, or appetizers at a party - or both!

The Windsor Park lady turned to discuss changing the viewing times with the current occupant, a nice East Indian lady, then Paul turned to me and mouthed, "I think we should take it" and I grinned as my excitement rose to the bursting point.
So when she left the room, I told the girl who was showing us around that she may not need to change the viewing times if she gave the place to us, we wanted it. She made sure everything was in order and said she'd be giving us a call later this week, pending our approval as tenants.

Paul and I exited the building and I was ecstatic and so we both did a happy dance. And if that wasn't enough, afterwards I took Paul to The Shoe Company looking for some loafers to fit his placement dress code requirements, and I found a pair of extremely sexy, saucy black heels with all elastic straps - the only pair of sexy heels I have ever found that fit instantly. These are totally the kind of shoes I would wear to an art opening, an opera, or a hot date with my hubby. They were even on clearance! Paul encouraged me to buy them since I so rarely find shoes that fit me. Then we went to Chili's and shared each other's meals, a wonderful celebration of our successful day.

This is definitely the best day we've had in Edmonton so far. =)

If all goes well, we ought to be moving in to this place on November 6th or 7th. This time, we're packing up a Uhaul and really, truly moving out here. Gone are the roommates who do their dishes at midnight. Gone is the basement that we were both allergic to. So wonderful to be moving to a wonderful place to call our own again. And I will have to work hard to ensure that we can afford it, now that I'm the one breadwinning. (And if the bread is as good as it is at the Bon Ton Bakery, work might indeed be worthwhile!)

In other news - I had bloodwork taken today and the gentleman got blood the first try, which NEVER happens - though I've taken to coaching my lab techs on where people usually get blood out of me, which has taken the average pokes down from four to two, which in the world of needles is a big difference. Due to a new eczema medication that's a tad dangerous, I need to get weekly bloodwork. I also had X-Rays done today for the new chiropractor. X-rays are so cool. They gave them to me on a disc and I mooched the image files - Paul and I are intending to have a very intimate date where I get all sexy and show him my spine. =D If anyone else has any interest in enjoying several views of my spinal column, let me know.

I probably never mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, Paul purchased a welcome home gift for me from a florist - three branches of a pumpkin tree. Yes, that's right - a tree that grows miniature pumpkins - apparently a relative of the eggplant family. I was enthralled, and the pumpkins have been brightening up our basement room for quite some time. They are apparently edible, and it is indeed possible to grow one's own pumpkin tree, so I intend to do so at some point. If anyone finds pumpkin tree seeds... or a seedling, I want to know! I can't wait to have all my plants back - and a place to put them!

We leave for Saskatoon and then to Meadow Lake this weekend. I've already started packing. There's not a lot I'll miss about this place, but it has its memories. I will be very excited for having a bathtub again - only having a shower is making me irritable sometimes. And I won't miss the weird and unacceptable food smells coming from our roommate who thinks sardines (among other things) are actually a food. Oh, having places of our own again. This should improve everything.

Finally, I should note that after having a diverse and surprising selection of friends recommend the TV show Glee to me, I've started watching it. The music is amazing! I fell in love with their version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" because it suits my mood so much of late. (Hmm... that's the second John Denver tune I've been loving lately. Gotta check that dude out. EPL music section here I come again.)
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auuugh why is text so tiny on this post xD time to zoom in so big it takes up my entire monitor...

wow, I'm so glad you found the perfect place to stay!! :D I'm so happy that you've been so blessed in many ways. Good luck with all this moving! :)
Oh, apartment hunting is always so stressful, I feel your pain! I'm happy you found a nice place!