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EPL - Downtown Edition

Today Paul and I had a very nice date day that began in a small fast food place called The Greenhouse that specializes in nifty salads and such. We each had soup and a wrap, which was a tasty start to the day. Paul commented that such a place would survive well in Saskatoon, and I agree. Then we took off for the Alberta Gallery of Art, where I took a second tour (more leisurely, since I was paying $5 for the day in parking, not per hour) of the nifty exhibits we'd seen before. After the AGA, we went to the downtown location of the Edmonton Public Library. There were a bunch of posters in the windows, one of which reads, "Save a zillion dollars." 

OH MAN. So overwhelming! I've been so pleased with the EPL so far and this was no exception. They had an automated book check-in (note that was in, not out) that was nothing short of marvelous, and a lovely librarian helped explain the giant music and dvd room to me and welcomed me to Edmonton. I even found a DVD of an old family favourite movie, The Glass Virgin. It was pretty easy to find the self-serve hold area and easy to find the books I wanted, too. Paul and I came away with a grocery bag of goodies. (Gran, if you're reading this, their Christmas CD collection is wall-sized, you'd love it!)

After that, we went to the downtown location of the Old Spaghetti Factory. Paul and I were talking about how it's one of his cousin Michael's haunts... and who would we meet as a complete surprise? Michael and company waiting in line in front of us, on a trip to Ikea to pick up some installation stuff for Michael's Ikea Installation business. So hilarious and unexpected. We stuffed ourselves  (I had a ridiculously good mango smoothie!) and then headed home, where I read a few chapters of Anne of Avonlea to Paul.

Quite a lovely day, all in all!
I AM HAPPY TO HEAR OF YOUR EXCITING NEW FOUND PLACEINEDMONTON...........AH..the library is out of my reach...I cannot but imagine the smile that would overtake me to be there to browse those cd of Christmas music you mentioned OH well...My long playlist with GROOVESHARK will be just fine. ALTHOUGH a salad from GREENHOUSE at this time ,might be just what would complete my mid day.