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Massive Life Update

Good morning beautiful
How was your night
Mine was wonderful
With you by my side
And when I open my eyes
And see your sweet face
It's a good morning beautiful day

Whew, things happen and life gets away with me and I forget to blog, or simply don't have time. In this case it's definitely the latter.

So how do you like Edmonton?

The traffic is nuts! I can't go out the door except to meet a traffic jam, where I live. A drive that should take ten minutes takes 30-40. And the incidence of hares is high. The bunny kind. There was one visiting our back lawn for half an afternoon yesterday and eating morsels of weed. It's probably the third or fourth that I've seen. It's actually quite a nice city, though. There are a lot of beautiful older areas, and the downtown and shopping districts are really vibrant - so far the people are pretty similar to those I meet in Saskatoon. I think I could live here long-term... as long as I owned a hovercar.

I really love the area we're living in right now and will come back to this part of town for sure. The Bon Ton Bakery, which is a short walk from us, not even a block, is one of the most vibrant and cool places. The main baker is quite the character. For example, the last time Paul and I took a walk and stopped in for some bread, he was helping a lady at the till, and the debit machine wasn't working. The lady said, "It's being stubborn!" and he instantly replied, "It takes after it's owner." He has a deep rumbling voice and the last time we came we also found him singing opera. Like I said, quite a character. I loved him instantly and would buy my bread there even if it cost three times the price of anywhere else just for the fun experience - all the staff are SO happy. There's also a computer parts store nearby where I bought another hard drive today (I'm up to two 1TB and one 750GB in addition to my 1TB computer! I had a scare yesterday because I never empty my trash - when I did it freed up 150 GB on my computer. Boggles the mind.)

Also, the libraries here rock, and there's a ton of bookstores. I found a candy store that specializes in licorice. It's like paradise! Looking forward to finding the time to cruise Whyte Ave. as well.

I found a fantastic chiropractor as well, which is good, because he did a thermal and electromagnetic scan and parts of my back were in the black (red is bad, black is worse) and the pain I've been grumbling through lately means I believe it. I can't stand for more than about 20 minutes before my back starts aching like it's going to split down the middle. *sigh* Yay for chiropractors.

So overall I am settling in and hoping for the best. We have an appointment on Monday to see an available studio-size loft in Windsor Park, and we're going to ask about 1 bedrooms in that building as well that are available for October.

What's Keeping You So Busy?
Work! I've been following up with brides from the Conference, finishing a web job, learning about new ways of optimizing my site (and every site I build) for Google Local rankings, and spending time with my Paul. I also just finished photoshoots with a new baby and a really cool engaged couple - you can find out more about those and see some of the photographs on the work blog.

I also do most of the errands and a modicum of housework, what with a harried student relying on me.

How was Saskatoon?

It was nice to see friends and be home again last weekend. We had a great come-and-go lunch at Broadway Cafe on Saturday and had time to catch up with both our families. I ran a few errands. We read books to each other and had fantastic conversations about all sorts of things on the road. It was great. And I enjoyed the baby shoot a lot! This weekend is more low key, thankfully. Paul and I plan to do some fun stuff and visit a library and a bookstore downtown!

What's Happening with Admire?
Well, on Tuesday I went to the Bridal Fantasy Industry Mixer - where I met with about 5-7 people who I clicked with and hope to partner with. I saw a nice giant arc rainbow on the way there, too! I learned some cool local web ranking secrets from a big-time designer who took the time to talk to me (thus my searching this week), had a great conversation with the manager of what I believe is the biggest bridal gown store in the city and she'd like me to teach her about dealing with plus size women and what kind of dress styles will flatter them, and she might also be interested in a catalog of wedding invitation building blocks. All in all I feel really pleased with my time in the wedding business world, and I hope to foster great relationships with a number of these people and their businesses. Thursday night I did my first shoot in Edmonton - after having scoped out the park with Paul beforehand a few days back and enjoying the view of a nearby swimming beaver from the river that another couple walking there pointed out to us. (There are friendly people here!)

Do you do anything other than work?
Well, I spend time with Paul when he's not homeworking, but... not usually.

However, today I gave Paul a ride to school and resolved to do something that did not involve working, but rather to take advantage of the beautiful day. Step One: Ask the GPS what's nearby! I headed to the Alberta Railway Museum, but it was closed - by appointment only museums suck, man. So I went to the new and fancy schmancy Alberta Art Gallery! It's a very impressive building and there were some great shows, including woodcuts from all eras by M.C. Escher, a big show from a private collection about the history of Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes, (Geen, I saw one of the original Tweety sketches!) and a famous artist who does aerial photography of oil fields and related things - Edward Burtinsky. He's an artist I've had people compare some of my photo work to when I was working on the Urban Sunset Panoramic series. His work is very powerful, and I actually like it - I feel that his subtle eco-agenda is actually quite palatable and his works are a good show for the public. You won't hear me complimenting eco-artists too often, either, so it's a pretty big endorsement. I really enjoyed myself and plan to drag Paul down to see the Warner Bros. exhibit before it goes away.

How's Paul?
Paul is struggling down the same road as I did in school - to learn to think for yourself in an environment that both encourages and forbids that very thing. He had a particularly low day today as he attended a conference thingy that was really disappointing in that area, as in my experience conferences are wont to be.  He really likes his hands-on classes and is vaguely considering the possibility of getting a PhD and teaching later in life. He's doing really well on assignments and occasionally - when he's not panicking about the volume of busywork they have him doing - talks about how easy school often can be. We are doing well too, and really cling to each other's company here where we're all but alone.

We are going to Meadow Lake for the October placement, which is nice because it's only three hours from home, so we can go back home nearly every weekend. We also got a steal of a deal subletting with a lady who works with Paul's supervisor - we get her nice allergen-free apartment and queen bed to ourselves for only $400 while we're there. God was really looking out for us! It's a great deal for us and we're excited to have our own space again. Roommates, even if they're nice, make life more difficult. I'm also kind of pumped about having a bathtub again. Tiny showers are not my style.

If there's any other major news I can't think of it. Further bulletins as events warrant.
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Thanks for the update, Twyla! It sounds like you guys are settling in, or as much as you can in the hustle and bustle of life! Wow, I'm glad you got that great subletting deal! That sounds awesome! I hope life will continue to treat you well :D