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My First Wedding Tradeshow

And the sun will shine
On this heart of mine
And I realize
Who cannot live without
Come apart without

Bridal Conference 2010 was a total blast. I posted a little about the business side of the experience in the Admire blog. The personal side was a lot more exhaustion, headaches and other pains, and other such fun things. Paul said the other day that we're experiencing a bit of what having a child would be like. He's not wrong, either. I had another small business owner say that this was going to be my first child, and in a lot of ways I truly feel like that.

I had nearly 200 people visit my booth the other day and troll for gumballs, attempt to win prizes, and enjoy all the work I had posted on the walls!

I only had my mini-cam with me, so the pictures of the booth aren't great, but extant. I am really pleased with how well the booth decisions turned out for us and how excited quite a number of people were about my photography.

Other than the giant tradeshow experience, life is going pretty well. My energy levels have been rather impressive, really, and I've been working very hard to relax. Paul and I have been planning a trip to Saskatoon this coming weekend - originally we'd been thinking I'd leave today by myself, but I decided Paul needed to go home for a bit too and I wanted company on the road, it's a long trip.

I will spend the rest of the day watching Heroes while doing some data entry so I can email all the ladies who requested a pricelist from us!

I miss my Saskatoon people and hope to see some while we're there, especially family.