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Library Cards!

You saved my life from a colorless one
From a colorless past you asked me to the paint store

I'm waiting for a bunch of Bridal Show stuff to print before finally trundling off to bed. So I figured I'd talk about the most exciting thing that's happened in some time - Paul and I got Edmonton Library cards. The cool part? Well, presumably because they make you pay to use the library here ($20 a year for the two of us, not bad for unlimited book rentals) the library cards here are all nifty with color choices and sayings on them. Paul's says, "Use at first sign of boredom." Mine is red and says, "I'm an Information Ninja." I totally got it because it said Ninja. Kind of wish there had been an information pirate one, but oh well! There was a sign beside the automatic checkout that said, "Librarians guaranteed robot-free" or something to that effect. Very cool, and the library near us has a good selection.

I've spent the last several days preparing for the bridal show in a mad frenzy and putting all other things on hold. I did get to fling paint at a white banner, though, which ended with me and the banner both being covered in paint, which was both tiring and satisfying.

The other nice thing is that we now know where we're going for Paul's first placement from October 11th to November 5th - Meadow Lake. It's supposed to be really pretty there in Fall, so hopefully Paul and I will be able to enjoy the chance to relax and enjoy the scenery, as well as appreciate what it's like to live in (what they proudly call) a city of 5,000. The other awesome part about this is that we're only three hours from home, so we'll get the chance to be in Saskatoon quite a bit.

Being near to Saskatoon near my birthday obviously means that my typical three-tiered birthday party may indeed be on this year. I will brainstorm something cool and then keep my friends all posted on what's happening. Bets on

Tomorrow early in the afternoon I take off for Saskatoon, three different books-on-CD in tow, to pick up a few things I need for the trade show, go to the dermatologist for a followup and pick up some special compound creams (some of which are hopefully now under my new medical insurance, which I haven't had in forever, but thanks to the U of A's masters program spousal opt-in, I do now.) I also get to visit with family and drive back with Cathleen, who's helping out at the trade show. Which is good because 1,500 brides is a lot of people to go through in 6 hours.

Paul is doing well, but usually tired. This is unsurprising considering his course load.

Oh, I nearly forgot to talk about swing dancing! Paul and I went to our first swing dance lesson in a series of four lessons this month - an intro class in lindy hop. I was so excited that Paul took to it as well as he did, because I always suspected that he'd be a natural at lindy and he definitely is. Paul crashed with tired that night, and the next night when the U of A Swing Club had their intro night, it was my turn to crash with tired. But despite all the tiredness, we're off to a good start with two fantastic lindy instructors and two really cool clubs to dance at, and we're both loving the swing. It's back to my first dancing days for me - I learned partner dancing years ago with Lindy, with instructors from Edmonton. =)

All in all, life here is so frantic that I forget to miss people and home most of the time, and by the time I have time to miss people and Saskatoon, I'll be half the distance away that I am now!
Am very jealous about the library cards, they sound awesome. I think you're right about the pirate for ninja substitution though. :) Hope the bridal show goes well!
I'm liking this posting more often, Twyla! ;)

You left a sentence unfinished at the end of the birthday paragraph: "Bets on..." I wonder what you were going to say :)

I'm glad you're having a good time with dance and everything! I start my ballroom lessons tonight :D