stardust, glowing


Yesterday was my three month wedding anniversary. Being married is a good gig, if you can get it. =)

Paul and I went to Church on 99 in the morning, a very interesting Emerging Pentecostal church, with video screens and rock music. They had a special speaker, The Million Dollar Man from WWF fame. My family used to watch wrestling on occasion, when there was nothing else on, it was always a bit entertaining what with the storylines and dramatic entrances. He was very evangelistic, so not much of what he said really applied to us, being in the choir that way. It was a bit sad for us, hearing him talk about how his Catholic upbringing hadn't given him an idea of a personal relationship with God. Paul and I talked about this afterwards, he said he felt like he'd always just known that, and I said I didn't feel like it was a concept I'd heard in the last year of attending Mass, though if you were to go up to a priest and ask him if a personal relationship with God was important they'd say so without hesitation. It's just that nobody does do that, and even though it's obvious to some people it doesn't really come through the pulpit well.

Yesterday evening we went to a mass where we were vastly outnumbered by (what I'd guess were) Asian, Mexican, and Filipino immigrants - happy, smiling, lovely people whom it was a pleasure to be at mass with. At the sign of the peace, the family in front of us was a pleasure to watch, as the Mom kissed and whispered love and peace to each of her pre-teen kids. That memory is going to stick with me. I love the wonderful dynamics that people from other cultures bring to church and life. God has been pretty creative with how he gave out attributes to people across the globe. I'm fortunate to live in a place where I get to see and enjoy some of that diversity.

After morning church we shared a frozen yogurt while waiting for our ink refills at the West Ed. Who knew the West Ed was going to be our home mall, eh? Paul leaned over and whispered Happy Anniversary then grinned, which reminded me of my happiness and made me grin nonstop with glee for an hour. I married a good man.

Our main activity of the day was to trek to a nearby wealthy neighborhood to deliver the Fall Portrait flyers I'd been working on since the leaves are changing here. Unfortunately the hour we were out was the hour of the day it drizzled, but I still had a lovely time walking around impeccably landscaped yards with my favourite Paul. I now have lots of ideas on how to landscape a yard.

To celebrate my trimonthiversary, I shall relate three of the cute things Paul says and does that make my day. At some point, Paul developed the cutest nickname ever for me. He calls me his snugglebug, often being sure to note that I'm the best snugglebug in the world. I absolutely love being called a snugglebug, and it always makes me giggle.

Paul also has a tendency to hug my nearest available body part. Sometimes my foot, or my head, or my arm. This has led to a war cry of "NABP!" and then random tacklehugging, which is always hilarious. In fact, one of our engagement photos features this very activity.

Paul has also taken to saying, "Happiness is a warm Twyla." Which is really cute.

This post is dedicated to my forever love. May we always be as in love as we are today - not only this much, but more. I say it because I know it's the probable outcome. =)