newsong (newsong) wrote,

A real adventure

Yeah, its been just a road trip
Its like summer camp, its like a broken
wrist. God's way of making you feel
Alive the way the song won't forget
The times

So when I said I was going on an adventure, I really did think all I meant by that was that we were going to get here, unpack, and move in. Little did I know that God had other plans for us.

When I last journaled, it was before a whole load of friends and family came to help us move. So many invaluable, amazing people. Paul and I packed the car super full and Andrew and Sarah took a few boxes the day before we left, too. I don't know if I mentioned that Paul's sister Sarah and her husband are moving to Edmonton too - Andrew got a spot in Education at the last minute, so we're with family here already. We stuffed an entire room in Paul's Mom's place with the majority of the contents of our condo and slept there for our final night in Saskatoon.

In the morning I was carrying a houseplant upstairs and nailed my head on the lantern above the stairs at a sprint, breaking my plastic hairband and giving me a bit of a headache all morning. So that set the mood for the rest of the day.

The next day we met with our renters, accidentally gave them bum keys for the apartment, but caught that just as we were about to hop into the car and go... We felt pretty crappy about it, but we're new to this landlord thing, although Paul said he might be interested in getting into real estate slowly over the years. So we jumped into the car and left. A couple hours down the road, Paul thought he had better call our landlord.

I saw him go pale and say, "What!?" Not a good sign. He continued talking in an agitated voice, but I couldn't quite make out what was happening. He hung up. "So, our landlord double booked us. The other people have already moved in. Apparently he lost our phone number." I felt calm, but it hit me later after lunch. I mean, we even sent someone to look at the place two weeks ago, it was all legitimate and finished as far as we were aware. (We got our damage deposit back.)

I kept thinking about what to do. First of all, I told Paul to call Andrew and Sarah and ask if we could crash at their place for the night. They were in church at the time, but we got ahold of them later and that was okay with them. I kept thinking who we could get to look for a place. Then it struck me that my friend Cathleen would be the perfect person to search for us and knowing that she was available at the time. So I tried calling her, but her phone apparently hates us. We conducted a discussion of what was required via text messages. Cathleen came up with two leads over the course of the day, and the first one - the only one for some time - didn't sound too promising, there was nothing but single beds and the guy did not sound at all sure that a double bed would even fit in any of his rooms. The second person Cathleen couldn't remember the details, but said the guy seemed interested in talking to us. After lunch in a lovely small town Pizza Hut with a great buffet, we took off again for the remainder of the 7 hour trip.

When we finally came into the city, drooping and weary and frustrated with traffic, gigantic maps, and detours, we landed at Andrew and Sarah's place. There we were able to call the new person, and that sounded a lot more promising. We were able to take a quick look around the address of Cathleen's latest finding and discover that it was a 5 minute drive from the West Edmonton Mall and a little mall with a Safeway for groceries, as well as being close to a number of other nice amenities. Then we had a lasagna supper with family, which was a great way to feel safe again. Then we borrowed Andrew and Sarah's GPS, which told us it was a 6 minute drive to the place we were hoping would be our new home that evening.

We got there to find the gentleman outside spreading a truckload of dirt out over the property and planting plants in it. (Always a good sign when your landlord is ambitious, I say.) We viewed the house to find that the basement room he was interested in renting us was actually quite spacious, considering. He had a double bed in storage for us. There was a tiny window, but he also said that we were welcome upstairs during weekdays when he wasn't home. The main floor of the house was full of plants. He raised the price somewhat for two of us, but still to less than what we were prepared to pay before, and I think this place is quite a bit better than that one. He decided not to even ask for a damage deposit from us. We were sold and moved in right away with the last vestiges of twilight, then got the rest of our stuff from Sarah and Andrew's and moved that in, too. We talked to the other guy who is a roommate here and he was friendly. We didn't lock our door when we left this morning. We both feel safe and comfortable. Paul and I woke this morning to find light just pouring into our tiny window, making the whole room daylight despite the downstairs. We're very blessed.

Today started out very restful for both of us. We unpacked and made ourselves at home, we feel like we have lots of space. Then we took off for lunch at the West Edmonton Mall, which is truly close by. We poured over the map, enjoyed a bunch of stores, and stayed there for about four hours. I drooled over some fantastic Bose earbuds at the Bose store - a $150 pricetag, but sound like no other headphone you will ever buy. I am considering them, what with the bus and rail system becoming my main mode of transport to save on gas and construction horrors. We got Paul a simple Fido plan for two years and a Nokia phone that he really, really likes, so he's got a phone again, which makes life easier for us both. We shopped at the giant Asian supermarket and bought sweet rice, which neither of us have tried, and a few other simple groceries. We looked for a GPS, but were pleased and blessed to find on arriving home that Canadian Tire has the exact one we want on sale for the amount of gift cards we have remaining. I also found a Craft store that's somewhat nearby that specializes in needlework, so I can get a proper frame size for the crewel embroidery project I am working on.

So tomorrow Paul goes to Orientation and I go shopping for a GPS, an embroidery hoop, and possibly some fresh food. Oh, and don't forget the giant Don's Photo that is near my house. Later I will check out the McBains in the mall, too. I am exhausted and sore, but excited, too. It's really starting to feel like an adventure that's enjoyable instead of rather terrifying.

Tonight Paul made us a supper of chicken breast sandwiches with corn on the cob and a nifty squash I've never had before. Then we went for a walk and found out there's a park west of us - and tonight we went out to an AMAZING sunset. Life is good and peaceful. I'm looking forward to sitting around embroidering and reading books a great deal this month. When I'm not working, anyway, because I have a lot to do! Tomorrow I think I'm taking the day off from work, though.

I may already have a job on Friday shooting a bachelorette party. =)
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