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A Change Will Do You Good

With my freeze ray I will
the world
I’ll bend the world to our will
And we’ll make time stand still

I just spent the last half hour pouring over the Google Map of the area of Edmonton where we'll be living for the five weeks. We're literally blocks away from what the internet has dubbed the best Chinese/Vietnamese place in Edmonton, as well as a Subway, which pleases me. We're also quite nearby the Southgate Mall, which holds one of the famed McBains Camera stores. I may go shopping there. =) There's a nearby Curves, which I've asked to call me back next week so I can come in and try it out, it doesn't cost a great deal. As of today I finally have medical insurance again, which is kind of wonderful. I fully intend on taking a trip to the Chiropractor tomorrow and making good use of that insurance.

So if anyone's wondering what's been happening the last few months while I haven't been posting much, the answer is MUCH TOO MUCH. There's been a lot of business stuff, a lot of name change stuff, a lot of personal development. I'm trying very hard to learn how to relax. I am not good at it.

We're also close to Edmonton's school for the deaf. I wonder if there's any way for me to volunteer and start learning sign? I've always wanted to learn - deaf people are often extremely expressive and I enjoy watching them talk. (I suppose if I learned I'd be eavesdropping whenever I did that!)

So many dreams and aspirations. I really hope I can make this a new chapter. Granted, my last new chapter's been kinda short term, but I really want to be able to look back on these next two years and see the difference in a big way. I want to see a thinner, happier me in the mirror who's worked at beating down the eating disorder issues, has started working on some of the dreams of aspirations, can hold a guitar and understand it better than before... And all that is just a start.

And Paul and I keep dreaming about travel. There's an Alaskan Cruise with family on the table for next summer, and maybe a self-directed European tour. (Paul wants to take me to Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh Museum. That would be SO cool.)

Moving on Sunday. It's September already! Yikes.

That’s the plan
Rule the world
You and me
Actually, you meant "poring," not "pouring." Like being "whaled" on, it's one of those little-used, often-misspelled verbs.

Somewhat conversely, your accusations on my mangling of "vague" have been corroborated. My friend Scott from camp noticed I was doing the same thing to "bagel." We must have spent 20 minutes that car trip trying to teach me to say "bagel" correctly. Unfortunately, I still cannot hear the difference. O_O

You'll have to clue me in on the name change stuff! D: Not looking forward to all the paperwork...

Wow, lots of exciting changes in your life! :D May God bless your future richly and always hang onto your hand~