going places

Quality of Life

I have been trying to find time to post for days, really I have! And it's 2:30am already, so this is going to have to be kept short.

I cannot believe I am packing up my life here and heading for Alberta. What crazyness. Despite what should be a terribly stressful time, Paul and I have been enjoying each other's company.

Yesterday morning I awoke from a truly terrible nightmare in which I'd managed to betray two people I loved utterly and they both still loved me and wanted me around. The dream also involved eating Chinese food in a restaurant, which was the funny part to me. I woke up feeling desolate and horrified and heavy-hearted.Then I reached for a husband who was ready to immediately and unconditionally hold and comfort me, a vast improvement on some prior nightmares in life. (Like the nightmare I had at Emma when I was completely alone on campus. Yay.) It was definitely the second most powerful nightmare I'd ever had. I'm not really betraying anyone, I'm not really leaving for good. But my inner self may have other ideas. Apparently according to Paul I'd been whimpering in the night. I guess in a way I'm okay with my self-conscious handling most of the stress in my dreams as long as I still get to sleep, right? But as Paul constantly says to me, "Peace be with you." I'd like a bit more of that just now.

I miss everyone already. =( Paul is trying to stay strong for me, but adventures are seldom simple or pleasant, at least not all the time. We're pretty scared about the giant unknown, really. But things are going to be fine. If we can convince ourselves of that.

I am excited to have purchased a new scanner for my business, and I really, really like it so far. It's good quality and nice and small, and it has attachments for negative scanning as well, which is nice.

There are dozens of new things to report, but for now I'll just say that I made three boxes of care packages for us for later on this year while Paul is in school. They contain paper, dental floss and TP, food, and some specialty foods and teas. All of our stock is going to come back to us when it feels like opening a gift. I'm excited months in advance for them already! And we're really hoping for a space in a specific tower Downtown. It might cost a bit more but the amenities are incredible and would definitely make our quality of life dramatically different from living in a hovel. Besides, the business is booming for now and I have contracts lasting into December and beyond with no reason to think I'll have any less popping up soon. I'm going to trust my instincts and go for a nice place if we can get it.

Packing has made our house into a whirlwind, which is making me uncomfortable, but soon it will be empty and we will be on the road to a new life, bikes on the back of the car (new bike rack, thanks to Canadian Tire GCs from the wedding) and love keeping us going.

I will try and post again soon when I have a bit less to do. Which considering Admire has 7 contracts open after I just closed two, or three if you count last week? Could be a bit. Nonetheless, the success is good for the bank and the self-esteem. Here's hoping for more of it.

Check out Admire on YouTube for some of my latest stuff.

Oh, and Paul and I have watched a lot of nifty movies lately. We adored Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, enjoyed Ratatouille, and more. It's been fun, what with gift cards from friends, coupons, and Scene points, we've spent little to nothing on theatres or home theatre on the pretty iMac!