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Snapshots of Life

I'm not in it to win it
I'm in it for you
If it's love
And we're 2 birds of a feather
Then the rest is just whatever

A little snapshot of life. I decided to take today off - by which I mean I'm not going to try doing anything remotely important if I don't feel like it. I've started my day early after a rare early-to-bed day yesterday, and I'm pleased to report that it's amazing outside, blue skies and puff clouds. That's pretty rare this summer. Saskatchewan is a wheat and canola-growing prairie province, but there's been jokes lately that we ought to just give up and grow rice because it's rained a ridiculous amount this spring and summer. Gardeners all agree that their plants seem confused about timing. And we're all tired of the bipolar weather.

Yesterday was an errand day where I was also able to hang out with Corrina and shop for various things. I returned a duplicate wedding gift to Sears and discovered when I went freezer hunting that the only freezer we were interested in buying was on sale this weekend - the only sale within the next six months. Good news since we have enough gift cards to Sears to purchase it in full, and that price was my budget for it. It's a big investment for our eating habits - the more frozen food we can store, the more sales we can take advantage of, especially on meat.

Then Corrina and I went to Westgate Books, where they are looking for artists to display, and I also picked up an astonishingly tactile and beautiful mini copy of St. Augustine's Confessions and another mini book with a 16th century style faux interview with Michaelangelo. I also found out that Caravaggio was an extremely violent person who was always in trouble with the law for hitting and throwing things at people, which I didn't know, though I was aware that he had a generally volatile personality before. Oh, artists. Found a quote at the bookstore:

"The first thing to be said about genuises is that they are never nice people. [...] but the second thing to be said about geniuses is that they must be forgiven." - John J. Norwich. (from "Coffee with Michelangelo")
I paid up at the Fringe office, saw my old chum Berkley whom I knew back in junior high, and found out that I can basically do whatever I'd like in terms of photography without stepping on anyone's toes, which is a really great thing for my business. Paul said yesterday that he's really starting to get excited about the Fringe, which may just mean that my palpable excitement is contagious, but still, I'm glad for it. Paul's not really the Fringe type, but having a reason to be there he says will make it different, and we'll probably get to talk to friends while we're there.

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting one of Paul's best friends, Michelle, who we had over for supper. We instantly liked one another, as I had been expecting given my descriptions of her character. I made perogies fried with onions and bacon and we had burgers and chips and Michelle brought over a Blueberry Cobbler for dessert. Quite a wonderful spread, and a wonderful new friend. Unfortunately she'll be back home in Scarborough before long, but we'll at least be able to visit with her a few times this summer while she's here.

Can we pretend that
airplanes in the night sky
are like shooting stars
Cause I could really use
a wish right now

Today Paul's big boss is coming in and he's going to officially resign his job and make an offer to take off work from August 20th on and give them Fridays for 5 weeks in Fall. He was really excited about resigning, and I am sure it will feel really good to have an end date on what has been an unpleasant situation. Paul loves his co-workers and the environment and the perks, but hates his job. He's just not a cubicle type, doesn't want to spend his life on a computer.

Paul and I discovered recently that our finances are not doing so well after the wedding, the household improvements, the multiple investments in my business lately... So we created a budget to beat all budgets and we feel like things aren't too hopeless, though our debt is certainly about to increase a great deal, if my business is even remotely popular in Edmonton we'll be fine.

Media Update
Paul read The Islamist and really enjoyed it, he's also reading Priceless, which is a non-fiction book about the FBI's art crime division expert. I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which made me sad because the kid is mean and crappy and I was hoping for better. I also read MWT's newest book, A Conspiracy of Kings and I found it boring, uninspiring, and hard to focus on. I was pretty disappointed in that too. But I hope to have better times with books in future. The library is my friend. 

We have also watched a number of movies recently, our very favourite being Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which was absolutely hilarious and kept us laughing all the way through. I watched Eagle Eye with some friends, and it was a very intense watching experience, but not really original or very memorable. Paul and I tried watching Strange Brew last night, but both found it boring, and I even found it a little off-putting.

So really, we've had a mixed bag of media lately.

Today I am indulging in some new music from the radio I was playing yesterday and the spinoffs I've found from those. I am trying to renew my life in so many ways.

And the cry of my heart
is to bring you praise
From the inside out
Lord, my soul cries out

Spiritual Life

Looking forward to some devotional time reading the Confessions. I've also been watching a sermon series from Mars Hill Church about Song of Solomon. Neither Paul nor I are big fans of the guy's "I'm right and whatever I say about the Bible is gospel truth" kind of routine, but even though I know the guy wouldn't like me taking his gospel with several grains of salt, I find that I get something out of it if I do. For example, he's against women working at all pretty much, and backs that up with shaky biblical references out of context... But still, a few of the things he says are interesting and make me feel like listening to him has been a valuable experience, so I listen and keep a salt shaker handy. I am hoping to make some more time to spend with God this week, as this is a good time - coming out of a general crises time in our lives - to refocus. I also need to prepare for the hardship of moving.

When I got my hair permed a few days back at my family friend's salon, Theda my hairdresser was saying that the top stresses in life were moving, marital status changes, death of loved one, and change in job. I looked it up online. Currently we are going through or are about to go through MANY of the top stresses in life. So it's no wonder we're feeling so messed up. I'm sure life will settle out by the end of this year, but yikes. So it's time to batten the hatches, pray, and seek God's presence with us to keep us safe and secure despite the storms around us - these days both literally and figuratively.

Paul and I have been praying together and relying on God as much as many times as we remember. And we've talked about things we both need spiritually and how to get at them in the midst of all this crazy. It looks like we might be helping out at the Salvation Army this Sunday night with some friends, and we're both looking forward to that chance to give of ourselves.

So life is improving, despite how heavy it has seemed these days.

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