Summer is here

You've spent half of your life
Trying to fall behind
Using your headphones
To drown out your mind

Life is starting to settle back into a rhythm I can manage. Not perhaps much less busy, though I am loving my day to day work a great deal. Tonight I used my late night energy spurt to attempt to tame our office/spare room into a slightly more manageable zoo - mission accomplished. Tomorrow I tackle the living room. I am going to be SO happy when our place is comfortable and clutter-free.

Prep for my involvement in the Saskatoon Fringe this year and name change errands are the biggest things I have to do these days when I'm not de-cluttering my spaces. Today in a brief spate of downtown shopping I found a nifty gadget that will be wonderful for the Fringe, and I also discovered that Costco printing is, wonderfully enough, both cheap and very good quality. Costco is rapidly becoming a favourite place of mine. Can't wait to get my co-member card so I can go myself without Paul sometimes!

Tonight Paul and I went for a fantastic supper at Earls, then came home for a bit of financial discussion and a trip just a few blocks down the street to pick up a cantilever umbrella for the Fringe.

After a long period of discouragement in a lot of different areas of life, things are starting to look up in all areas. I'm excited about life, happy to be who I am and where I am. Good things are coming, I know it.

Summer is here with a vengeance, it's either storming (with hail the size of marbles) or hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk. Paul and I have picnicked at the Jazz Festival and hid indoors alternately. =)

I am so in love with my husband. He's everything I ever wanted and things I didn't even think of. <3
Hooray!! I'm so glad to hear that things are good. I'm looking forward to summer being warmerrrrr.