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Honeymoon Blog #3

The long awaited Honeymoon Blog!

June 14th
In a former post, an interesting day with a spectacular sunset and our first hop across a crazy-long bridge.

Quote of the day by me: "This place is so green I don't even have to photoshop it!"

June 15th

I honestly don't remember much of June 15th at all. We were around the cabin that day, attempting to relax, kind of stoned out on lack of sleep.

Spent the day sitting around the cabin, and we ate richly. I had a bit of a breakdown because towards the end of the evening I really wanted to relax, so I tried drawing a bath and found out we had no hot water, or living room heat, since both were powered by propane. (Paul and I spent some time looking for the cellar and then in the cellar doing diagnostics before giving up and realizing there were giant propane tanks on the side of the house that were likely empty since we were the first guests this year.)

June 16th

Due to extreme tiredness and befuddlement, I don't figure out until this day that I am having a bad eczema reaction to the blanket and the towels, the only things we didn't wash the first day. Consequently to my discomfort, I was up at 6am taking near-perfection photos of our cottage in morning-light. Our landlady and I startled each other, as she was dropping off a heater and a note of apology and explanation - after ten years, propane tanks need to be checked, and the supplier had neglected to tell her they hadnt made it over yet.

We were pretty fragile still and did a lot of sleeping. And we started watching the X-Files. And I finally had my bath, though it wasn't actually that pleasant because it was after a nap and at like 1am, and it was too hot and then too cold, and the bubble soap made me itchy. My disillusionment with the word "honeymoon" continues to grow. *sigh*

June 17th

I had a BBQed steak, green bean, and baked potato lunch on our deck with my beloved husband on this day. Totally awesome.

After this we took off for the Lighthouse and Beach at Point Prim, which was a fun adventure of beachcombing. We brought back lots of nifty shells and stuff, if you'd like souvenirs! (Gran, we brought you a red rock!)

On our way in we went to Paderno, the local kitchen store, and took a tour of Cow's Creamery, the award-winning Maritime ice cream factory. We didn't get to see them making ice cream, but we did get to try some, and some nifty cheese. I did get to see something cooler - a T-shirt screen press! SO amazing.

Later that night we grabbed supper from a little shop on the wharf near the theatre, and on the way to supper we passed a place selling pearl jewelery. I saw a pair of earrings I really, really liked, but I wasn't sure if I wanted them, so we went for food. After we'd ordered fresh fish and chips I mentioned them again and said normally if I think of something again after leaving it, I should buy it because I'll enjoy it later too. Paul said he'd buy it for me as a wedding gift, and then I ran downstairs to the shop and picked them up. They're really cool - freshwater black pearls and a red pearl on each.

Then we went to see Anne and Gilbert, the musical.  Our favourite part of the musical is where Mrs. Rachel Lynde sings a song called, "You're Never Safe from Surprises 'Till You're Dead!" In that song is a line where she (a Presbyterian) says her cousin married a Catholic, and Marilla asks in horror, "What did you DO?" She responds, "We mourned her for three years. Then we forgave her!" SO funny, given our situation. Paul, having not been through Anne of Green Gables yet, was a bit spoilered at the lack of a Matthew, but otherwise we thought the musical was pretty good, though not perhaps as good as the rave reviews made it sound... We really liked the characters playing Marilla and Mrs. Lynde.

I should mention that one of my fond memories growing up was watching Road to Avonlea on Sunday nights with my parents for probably years. That most definitely affected my recommendation to Paul that we ought to see PEI on our honeymoon, and I don't regret that. So much beauty, especially in spring. They have one kind of flower that covers everything, called Lupins. Really pretty.

June 18th

Paul and I drove across PEI and the bridge (with a ridiculous $40+ toll) to Moncton to see Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Mr. Brown was my high school band teacher. He was the man who created the haven in the band room, the safe place for students to come when the needed help, or counseling, or even just time to be alone. From the moment we arrived they treated us royally. They took us to Hopewell Rocks. They took us to a New Brunswick Lighthouse where a nifty lady gave us a tour inside it. The same place had an amazing beach consisting of incredible skipping stones, which Paul and I took great advantage of - Paul's new record is seven skips, mine is four, and I've only just started learning a few months back! Then we sat and talked with them, and they gave us some great life advice. They made us a fantastic supper that looked like it came from a five star restaurant.

Mrs. Brown insisted I tell everyone she starves Mr. Brown. Oops.

So to dispel an old school myth: Mr. Brown used to tell everyone that, since he was colorblind, his wife would lay out mismatched clothes for him when she was mad at him. Her rejoinder: "He spills things on himself and then plucks out different clothes! I wash my hands of that!"

They made us feel very much at home and comforted, and we had great conversations about everything from Yann Martel to lighthouses.

I miss Mr. Brown already. We always had incredible thinklinks and we really enjoyed each other's company. Being honored with an invitation to his house was such a great way to spend time on our honeymoon.

June 19th

Mr. Brown's wife made us quiche for breakfast after we slept in. Totally pampered.
We then explored some more of Moncton.

First we experienced Magnetic Hill, which is a totally wack place where one's car rolls uphill because there's a giant magnet in the hill. Our mustang rolled uphill at something like 30km/hr. Which is ridiculous. We did it three or four times.

We then went to the Magnetic Hill Waterpark and had one of the best days ever. Paul even went down a scary enclosed swirly slide with me! I went down most of the slides and enjoyed the wave pool and cheap food stand burger. I loved it, but I did not enjoy the sun or the wind... This day had the unfortunate side effect of giving me the most severe sunburn/windburn of my life. When I got home I was shaking and in shock. Not too fun. We found aloe at the nearby Sobeys and stocked up and creams and whatnot, but now nearly ten days later my skin is just starting to truly heal.
Very painful and unsettling and weakened me and made me sick for the rest of the trip. If I ever say that my honeymoon was like hell, it was mostly the fact that I was burnt within an inch of my life on the first day I was actually starting to get out of a tired stupor and have a good time.

I think we watched some TV that night, Paul catering to my most basic needs - love, pity, and a frozen towel.

June 21st

We started a well-planned day by heading off to a cute little Breakfast place called Cora's, then to build sandcastles with a sandcastle artist. The folks we bought the sandcastle experience from had asked if Good Morning America
could film us and we said yes, but the filming turned out to be merely a helicopter coming out of the mists, and so we didn't have anyone bothering us. We got a great education from the artist in what is involved in sandcastle building, and he liked us - he told us of a couple great places in PEI to shoot panoramics where he'd painted before, and he even gave me a print of a painting of his - a painting he'd done of the Point Prim Lighthouse, which was a short distance from our cottage. After that, Paul and I went to see Ripley's, because I had loved Ripley's so much in New York. We saw any number of cool things, most of which I have photos of and will post soon. Paul's quote of the day, "Have you noticed just how many of the things in here were done by artists?"

June 22nd

Kayaking on this day was so cool! I didn't get to bring my camera, but Paul and I played on the beach afterwards. Paul poked a crab. I did too, but I would have anyway. ;) I have lots of photos of crabs coming up soon! And a bunch of shrimpy things that poked at my feet and tickled.

We then went through Cavendish and spent about an hour looking through the Green Gables house, eating a quick sandwich and drinking "Raspberry Cordial" an actually tasty fizzy raspberry drink, and wandering through Anne/LM Montgomery's woods by the brook and Lover's Lane which were incredibly scenic and picturesque, and we had them all to ourselves! I cannot express to you just how utterly scenic and beautiful this walk was, I was enamored of the place immediately, and can only imagine the raptures it put L.M. Montgomery through visiting there. The brook does laugh, and the ferns are lush, and the wildflowers are thick. I took a zillion picturesque photographs. =)

We then had a posh supper at the outdoor patio of a nifty Italian place in a pedestrian-only shopping street in Charlottetown on our way home. And ice cream. We stopped at Cows Creamery to get a Blueberry Ice Cream to share, despite the fact that I was sick and shaky again from that pesky sunburn. Good ice cream, though. Mmmm.

June 23rd

Lots more driving through the beauty of the Maritimes. Dropped by a nice red sand beach to beachcomb on our way out. Another ridiculous bridge toll. Saying farewell to the Mustang and taking it back to the corral.
Leaving on a jet plane for Calgary.

Since that day we visited relatives in Calgary, saw the mountains up close in Canmore and took in one of Paul's cousin's weddings. The twilight in the mountains with a full moon was eerily gorgeous, but we were still so exhausted, and after driving back to Calgary and home to the relatives we were staying with, I lost it and started shaking, sick again.

There were a lot of ups and downs, and Paul's comment which I agree with greatly was this, "I have to stop taking vacations I need a vacation from!" If I could do it again I'd wait two weeks before going on the honeymoon. But live and learn.
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Sorry that such a wonderfull experience was marred by illness. On the other hand - it just means you have a reason to go back and spend an anniversary there to enjoy it even more!