Honeymoon Blogs #2

My Honeymoon So Far, as stated in Facebook statuses. I will blog all of these things later!
June 14th
I am eating breakfast at a small Syrian cafe in Halifax. Also, our rental car is a silver Mustang

After driving through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (gorgeous colors, flowers in bloom...) we are now at Lobster on the Wharf in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

The sunset view from our Victorian Cottage tonight...

June 16th

I am apparently allergic to the bed, which is uncool and results in me sleeping very little. Paul, on the other hand, is catching up on Zzzzs for the last year of wedding planning. I spent the first hour of today taking near-perfection photos of our cottage in morning-light. Again: The next person who tells me to get off... the internet may have me petitioning Zeus for an extra lightning bolt, seriously.

(Note: A bunch of people on Facebook have been complaining that I'm on the internet too much, except I've barely been on compared to my homelife - I'm just being me, and usually Paul is busy doing other things.)

June 17th
I had a BBQed steak, green bean, and baked potato supper on our deck with her beloved husband today. =)

I am about to see Anne and Gilbert, the musical.

June 19th

We went to a waterpark in Moncton, had one of the best days ever, and now has the most severe sunburn of her life, enough that it's giving her chills. (Don't worry, I'm treating it!)

Note: The day before this, we arrived in Moncton to spend time with the Browns, who were awesome. More on that later.

June 21st
We're off to a cute little Breakfast place called Cora's, then to build sandcastles with a sandcastle artist - and to top it off, we'll be on TV - Good Morning America has requested to film us. =)

Note: THIS WAS AWESOME. And the GMA filming turned out to be merely a helicopter coming out of the mists.

June 22nd (Today!)
We spent the day learning how to kayak (and enjoying the cormorants), wandering through Anne/LM Montgomery's woods by the brook and Lover's Lane (which were incredibly scenic and picturesque, and we had them all to ourselves!), and then had a posh supper with Paul at the outdoor patio of a nifty Italian place in Charlottetown.

Tomorrow we plan to see the Bottle Houses some of you have heard me raving about. Now, off to spend time with my husband and put on more aloe vera gel since I burnt myself to a further crisp today! <3


Going to comment more later when not working hard ;-) but I just wanted to jump in here and say how much I LOVE Cora's!!! Sad they are only in the Atlantic provinces!