a hero can save us

3 days

As Janta commented today, my blog has been a bit barren of late - "It's almost as if you have better things to do!"

Well, I wouldn't necessarily say better! My to do lists have been exhaustive in more than one sense. But the reward begins to pour in. Several short hours ago my dear friend Janta flew into the Saskatoon airport and into my arms shortly thereafter. My wedding dress is hanging in my FutureMom's closet (I've taken to calling her FutureMom, which has been a source of laughter to many, and something I may actually miss in several days when she becomes, in everyone's eyes, another of my beloved Mothers.)

This last weekend Paul and I took off to Emma Lake for a day and a quarter or so, far too little time and yet rejuvenating. Paul and I sat on the dock in two blue Adirondack chairs doing nothing but sunbathing for an hour, then spent time planning the honeymoon and decimating the mosquitoes that came near us. Bliss, except for the mosquitos. Of course, no road trip is without its hazards. I made the mistake of taking a road marked "Under Construction" which, in the country in Saskatchewan actually means "completely impassable by vehicles that aren't hick trucks." It is somewhat of a testament to my driving skills that I got our Elantra nearly all the way to the campus before getting stuck - probably 5 to 10km of slick mud from ten feet below the forest floor. Paul and I joked, sighed, prayed, and wished for a tractor. A large white truck with a couple of burly men and the van I hailed from campus arrived shortly and a bunch of guys pushed us out. A bit of a harrowing experience, but it made me smile when Paul said, "I prayed for help and within minutes there was a truck here. I've never really noticed it before, but that actually happens a lot." Prayer has gotten me out of the mud in my life a great many times.

I had coffee with my friend Jen a few days ago, and we were discussing how hard it must be to maintain human relationships without God and his principles - love without grace, jealousy instead of peace. I can't imagine going through this time of stress with Paul without God's smoothing grace and peace to sustain us.

We had a discussion on the way home that was good, but a little painful. Neither of us has been through a period of extreme stress at the same time for this kind of durationbefore, and we've discovered that things go very badly when we're both wrecks. There was a day that included not a little sobbing together on the couch not so long ago. I do think the worst is past, but stress can certainly create some dark times and every once and awhile I feel the strain of it breaking me down to a snothering, sniffling little ball of not much more than human. And it is in those times that I thank God most for his presence, because he can get you out of those places a lot faster than you can get out yourself.

I may not be able to take the time to post again until after I am married. I am pretty worn out from preparations and have a lot of partying to do now. I am making lunch for Father Lawrence, our priest, tomorrow after my *groan* dental cleaning appointment. I realized yesterday while on the phone hearing protestations from Father that I shouldn't go out of my way to make anything amazing that I'm totally the kind of woman who invites the priest/pastor over for lunch - I have my Grandma to thank for that, certainly! Then I get to enjoy Janta's company while her and my friend Jen Revering take a bit of time to organize the boxes in my FutureMom's third level, after which Paul's cousin Andrew arrives in Saskatoon and they go off together to work on the car. I have women to entertain on Thursday evening for my stagette/bachelorette/hen party. Friday afternoon Paul and I take Janta on a grand tour of Saskatoon's river area, then go to our rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and I am going to go off to a short ice cream party with a few friends whom I don't often see. Somewhere in here, Janta and I have to cram in some alone time. Probably tomorrow and Thursday during the day...

In short, my wedding week began officially with Janta's arrival, it continues now into the joyful hope of a new family, a new life, a new peace and security with the one I love the most as we promise ourselves to each other forever.