cactus, desert

Tick Tick Ticking

Every time I see your face
My heart takes off on a high speed chase
Now don't be scared
It's only love that we're falling in

This is one of those weeks that I felt like it would never end, but time marches on and the clock keeps ticking, and my wedding gets ever closer. I had a bit of a breakdown last night just feeling like there's so many things on my heart and mind lately and Paul's so busy with the show. But I feel a lot better today. Loved and supported and ready to continue on this journey.

I've had the pleasure of visiting many friends I haven't seen in some time in this last week - Kori, Lisa, Crystal, Mattea, Corrina... It has been a joy and privilege to talk about life with them again, to hear their lives, dreams, victories, sorrows. Friends are my favourite thing about life, and through good times and bad, they keep me going.

Some things about my wedding are getting ironed out. I have a few leads on a wedding car. I met with my cake-maker. I bought red mesh fabric and tulle and got a few odds and ends at Michaels, like red raffia. I am going to pick up some of the parts of my invites that were sent to the printer today. I went to Fabricland with my personal seamstress yesterday and we bought the rest of the items required for my dress. I am quite excited about this. I have a pattern fitting next Friday. It's so exciting to see this part of my wedding come together - to have my own dress that I designed is so cool. I have to pick up my wedding ring at Ben Moss sometime soon, and Paul and I are hopefully going on our last sojourn to a jeweller to find him a ring now that we have the details down. There's still quite a bit left, but it gets narrower and narrower day by day!

Most days I am excited, some days I am overwhelemed, but overall this wedding is shaping up.

Tonight I get to see Paul's play with my parents, and I am very excited. Things are looking up. Life will come back next week.
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I'm glad you got time to hang out with friends! :) It sounds like you had a good week. I'm excited about all your wedding stuff coming together too! I am looking forward to helping out.