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The Paper Saga - Happy Ending

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

For those of you who followed my previous saga regarding the paper store, it may not come as any surprise that since that day I balked dealing with anything regarding invitations. Finally Paul called me on my quiet cowardice, which he had thought would end much earlier, and this week became the final deadline on dealing with paper issues - it's time to get this show on the road.

First of all, as I told Paul's co-worker when I picked him up at lunch time, I was already in a bit of a sour mood so it couldn't get a lot worse. This morning I went to visit my parents, who being awesome, donated vast amounts of food and good company, then helped me get out of the rut I was in - by which I mean the rut the car was in. You see, I managed to ignore the wise little voice that suggested I might be best off parking down the street after ten inches of snow. (Yes, that is how much snow we got this weekend!) And despite being careful, I still got stuck and it took the help of a kindly young man - our favourite family neighbor - for the car to finally budge. After that adventure I was in a good mood, but so late for everything that morning that it ended up writing off a portion of what I needed to do today for work and for life in general, and getting a bunch of stuff half-done while not doing what I really wanted to do. (I finally got out of the shower just a few minutes ago for example.) I failed to find a parking spot in my condo complex, I failed to finish the only important work job I'd deadlined today, and I was rather cranky with a few other details of the day as well.

This was obviously a perfect time to tackle something I'd been dreading for weeks.

So Paul and I got some lunch and then proceeded to the store where I'd had a nightmare of a time dealing with the staff, both in person and over the phone. A happy, sing-song voice greeted me, a staff member I hadn't encountered before. She happily hunted after the paper we'd ordered in, immediately said that anything we didn't want could just be put on the shelf, no problem at all. We then bought all the paper we'd actually wanted from them after re-evaluating our order, and proceeded to the next paper store. This second store we'd had a problem with as well, an interesting one. They said that their policy was that we had to pay for a special order before they ordered it in - and this paper would have duplicated some of the paper we'd bought from the first store. They also allowed us to cancel the order with them - so with a minimum of horror, all things were handled in exactly the way we needed! Paul and I were all smiles after a stressful morning of me being dragged somewhat unwillingly into finishing this stage of our invitations. So now we can proceed.

Sometimes you just need to get the right person.

The rest of the day went well, too. I had a bit of a chance to listen to music in the car. Every once and awhile I realize just how much my life has changed since Paul and I started dating. Music and I have become further apart in many ways. I sing and there's always music in my head, but the act of listening to music has diminished in my life and become fainter... I hope to go on a music binge soon and find some new tunes to grace my life with their presence, but we'll see what I find.

In other good news, because Paul and I had actually intended to return the seven DVDs we had out by their due date and that day we were still snowed in, I asked the girl at the desk if she might grant us a reprieve, and she consented. I was really happy about that, as $7 is enough of a fine to be slightly horrified at. Our whole library is changing over to a province-wide system, and as any government organization is wont to do, they're messing it up. I've heard nothing but complaints thus far, and Paul and I have had a few run-ins ourselves. My solution is to not go back to Library usage until they get the bugs out of the system. (This is also how I feel about electronic book devices like the Kindle and its relatives, actually. Someday someone might invent a decent one. Until then, I won't buy in.)

In another lovely part of today, Paul's Mom consented to feed us tonight since I was absolutely finished after a day of driving in awful weather conditions and getting stuck even busy at intersections, so Paul and I finally got the pretty mirror I bought in Regina to his Mom's for temporary storage and we had a lovely supper and some tea with her.

Tomorrow the plan is to sleep in and then blitz as much of the work I have to do as possible! I'm learning a lot in the first few months of my business. I'm glad most people have been patient with me. It's been a bit of a hard road in some ways, but I am learning things, and it is getting easier as I go. I'm developing a lot of rules for myself as I go that should help keep me out of trouble. Hopefully it will keep me going strong! If you haven't seen my business website yet, you should check it out at http://www.admirestudios.com - and refer any friends to it that you can!

Paul is off on a business trip until the end of the week, which leaves me to work like crazy so I can relax a bit when he gets back.