Postal Service


After the worst weather since several years ago, I've been snowbound for two whole days.

Paul and I tried to get out to our various appointments, which involved shovelling with a snow brush and rocking in and out of an impossible situation. After about 45 minutes we gave up trying to get the car out of our spot and over a 3 foot snowdrift and Paul worked from home, and I read an entire novel, Beastly, which was easy to follow in all the right ways - yet another adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast storyline, which is hands down my favourite popular fairy tale (though I have many less popular tales that I love as well.)

So today was a second snow day, which is very unusual in Saskatoon. So unusual in fact that today was only my third snow-day ever! It was wonderful to spend time with Paul today, especially because he's going to Vancouver on Wednesday for the rest of the week, but I am really excited to get work done tomorrow. I feel well rested!

Time to continue in the preparations for supper!