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Wedding Traumas

In what might be my first post exclusively about wedding planning, I have a rant.

SO. Wedding Invitation fun.

Friends and Paul and I went to a Big Scrapbooking Store, the best one in the city basically.  The girl there followed us around the store. When she couldn't tell the difference between a yellow black and a blue black, it made me nervous because we wanted to special order with them. Generally I just felt I wasn't understood, so anything I wasn't sure about I was thinking of asking them to hold the order on. I did make a paper order from them for certain papers for the invitation - in bulk, and there was one paper that I said I expressly DIDN'T WANT TO ORDER if they could not get in 57 sheets of it, our minimum.  We then went to another paper store. Paul liked one of their silver papers better, so we got them to write the info, and their policy is that people pay for it before they order. We also got a better idea for cover papers. I made the mistake of not calling the initial place back immediately to cancel things.

Yesterday I called saying I definitely didn't want the patterned paper (the one they couldn't order enough of and I'd told them NOT to order) at all anymore, even if they could get more, and I was hoping to cancel the order of silver paper, too, but only if they could cancel that order easily. My exact words, "If possible."

Well, the ONLY paper they had in was the silver I didn't want and 35 sheets of the paper I said NOT to order that they had special ordered in. So I told the lackey girl on the phone - the same one who had dealt with us, that I didn't want to pay for the paper that they'd ordered that I'd told them not to order and I wondered if they thought they'd sell the silver - if they couldn't then I'd buy it, but if it wasn't a huge inconvenience, I'd rather not. After a brief intermission, she put me on the phone with her manager.

So the manager gets on the phone and tries to talk me into buying different papers and not having matching invites, which she says is "What a lot of people do these days" and I say I'm really not interested in having differing wedding invites, and that the fact was that I told them not to order the initial paper unless they had enough of it. She says, "She told me you want to cancel your order with us." Which is not what I said, I said I didn't want to buy the paper I told them NOT to order. She then freaks at me and starts lecturing me over the phone saying "you can't do that to a small business" and says she's going to blacklist me with their store so I can't special order with them.

I am flabbergasted that I just got yelled at, and so I carefully say I want to order most of the paper we'd wanted from them, to try and save the special order of red paper I'd liked there that we can order from them without hassle because it's in stock. She then basically assumes I want the whole order from them, and I don't argue because I need some of what she has and I don't want to waste the work I did EXPLAINING TO THEM in tiny, tiny words what I needed.

Ways to succeed in small business: Tell your customers they don't want what they just clearly said they wanted. Write their order wrong. Then yell at them over the phone, blaming them for your mistake.

I don't think this woman realizes just how bad I can be for their business. And intend to be. They got my order wrong, they ordered what I said not to order and still don't have what I asked for. And then they lectured me about small business.

Paul doesn't want to pay for that part of the order and I don't either, but I'll have to play it to get my way when I go to their store. I'll just buy what I want to buy when I get there, and hopefully they won't be spiteful. Anyway, I'm loathe to go to their store again.

This is definitely the only really negative wedding planning experience I've had since I realized I hated almost all the wedding photographers in Saskatoon. Five more months and I'll be done this crazy. But then I'm probably moving to Edmonton a few months later. Oh well. Such is life.
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A few years ago when I was working at Micheal's I got back after a Saturday off and had the co-worker who filled in for me during kids club tell me about the run in they had with the woman who owned Yesterday's Memories. I can't remember the details, but she basically kicked up a fuss over a pattern one of the instructors had used on a display in the store. She made a huge scene in front of all the parents and children attending Kid's club, one of whom was one of the instructors and her children. She was very vocal about how we were ripping of her designs or some nonsense. The result was that the instructor and everyone who witnessed her outburst vowed never to set foot in her store again. So basically the woman is nuts so don't take it personally.
I for one will never shop there again, I really don't know how the woman is still in business with the way she conducts herself. I hope you can get everything you need Twyla. Be strong and don't pay for anything you don't want, it's their mistake not yours, you don't owe them anything.
See, me, I'd say "Screw it and Black list me!" because they basically are railroading you. THEN, I'd have one of my friends go in and buy what I WANT from there. :)

There are some online art paper stores, as well as some chains that you can order to ship to Saskatoon.. :)