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Bits of random life.

I have started listening to Christmas music. My boyfriend has joined me in this noble endeavor, and really likes the stuff I really like - Acappella and Josh Groban and the like. It's grand. It was snowing, so it feels right already.

There is a Biblical Plague of fruit flies in my kitchen that I think we actually may have inherited from neighbors, because there wasn't really that much for them to eat here. I finally tracked down some flypaper. Flies are landing on it AS I TYPE. Paul was very amused about my extreme joy at their death, but it was touche when I remarked to him that he wasn't the one living with a Biblical Plague in his kitchen.

I have finally started backing up all my photos from ages hence and I'm pretty excited about finally getting some more work done on my personal website. I am also managing to get lots of other organizational things done in life, which is encouraging.

I am in a reading mood and hope to get some reading done one day this week, alongside many errands and quite a bit of work!

I am thankful for a WHOLE LOT OF THINGS. Like that most of my clothing barely fits anymore because I've lost so much weight, and that there are people who love me... It's a good life. Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends. And everyone else, too.
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Happy Thanksgiving to you!
And yeah for a blog just on things to be thankful for. I'm especially excited to hear that you're continuing to lose weight! Yay, I wonder if I'll even be able to recognize you in June!! :D
Re: Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Oh, you'll recognize me... =) My weight loss has plateaued a bit, I need to work on being more conscious of my intake still.
I hate fruit flies so much that I can't even cook in the same kitchen, if there are more than a couple of them. One thing that actually works pretty well is mixing some vinegar, water and some fairy liquid (that you'd use to wash your dishes by hand) in a cup and placing said cup somewhere in your kitchen. The flies will think that the vinegar is food, and once they land on the water they can't get off (and sink to the bottom of the cup), because the fairy liquid makes the surface of the water so that they can't just walk on it.
I really, really hate them too. I tried the vinegar/water/dish washing liquid thing before and it didn't seem to work for some reason. The plague has thinned a great deal now after the flypaper and some minimal kitchen work...
Good luck on backing up your pictures! I've done some of them, and have been meaning to do more for a while, but my computer is so disorganised it's insane. Possibly even more insane than my room. Which is sad.

Words of Wisdom: Don't forget where your backed up disks are. They are not very useful if you can't find them.
I have an inch-thick stack of DVDs on a spindle - thicker by the day. I am going to ensure that the spindle is guarded and that I don't lose it! I am making a habit of backing things up and it seems to be working!