awaken me


Glory to God in the highest
And on Earth peace to men
On whom His favour rests

It's snowing like a snowglobe outside today, on top of the freshly-fallen yellow leaves. It's not windy or blustery or even that cold, and you can see individual snowflakes in all their glory, clustering together like joyous children playing.

I listened to a Christmas song today for the first time this year. Well, since July. I always listen to at least one Christmas song in July. I have never had a year filled and overflowing with happiness until this one, and I think it's the perfect time to begin enjoying the beauty of the Christmas season in early October, even before Thanksgiving, which will also be extremely special to me this year. Neither of those were ever favourites of mine, but I think that's about to change. Something about feeling so cherished by the love of my dearest man, my friends, and my family this year is helping me to see life as even more beautiful than I have before.

The snow is beautiful, even if it means that there's a winter coming. Time passes and my joy blooms despite the season. God is good to me.

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