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So today I had Paul's car, which was awesome. I got lots done, erranding galore.

I bought myself a pretty little betta fish for my now freshly watered tank. He'd probably bristle at a description like that. Seems like a proud, manly sort of fish, with some flair. Paul suggested I name him Ichthus, which would be an appropriately geeky thing to do. I went a little further and found out via Google Translate that the word for Fish in Swahili is Samaki. A suitably extravagant sounding name for a simple fish with an attitude.

The trouble with photographing fish is that they're not really good with the whole, "Sit. Stay. GOOD FISH!" thing.

There was a really fun (and tasty) lunch with my Aunt and Grandma and Paul at Earls. I ended up driving Mattea home from work shortly afterwards because she was on my way and I <3 her, and on the way home she came with me on my fish-fetching errand. In the evening Paul and I had supper together and then talked about comic book characters and ecumenism and stuff, and then tried out some ballroom, which was really cool. It was actually really nice to just have random conversations for a long period of time - going back to the basics. They say you should be with your best friend, and that's exactly how we are.

Tomorrow during the day I will hopefully get lots more done, some of it will definitely be at home, and I am really excited about ballroom tomorrow evening!

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