emma lake

Rainbows, Rowboats and True Love

Move me up through the darkest clouds
Till I've lost in the sun every shadow of doubt
There is no better find than to find myself with you
I'm inviting you closer with each time I breathe
Surrender has somehow become so beautiful

This weekend at Emma Lake was one of the most beautiful place redemptions of my relationship with Paul. You see, Paul and I have this thing about redeeming spaces that one or the other of us has had bad experiences in, making them new again. For me, my time at Emma Lake last year was one of the most lonely periods of my life, so coming back to Emma with the express purpose of deepening the intimacy between Paul and I was a perfect way to redeem a place that gave me mixed feelings of freedom, refuge, and loneliness. Now I can have all the freedom and refuge with joy.

Basically all of you know about my time at the Kenderdine Campus from last year - I spent four months working in the office there. This trip was great because I had a chance to properly enjoy the space without any responsibilities. It would be a bit ridiculous to properly cram three full days of lake time into a post, so I'm just going to hit as many highlights as I can.

Day One - Saturday!
Aimless Rowboats and Manly Sticks

On our way out of the city we stopped off at the Farmer's Market for some fruit, which served us well all weekend. We had some deep conversation in the car on the way there, and when we arrived and got some keys we had just enough time to set up in our lovely cabin - one I had requested because it has skylights and a nice comfortable space. We spent a lot of time talking. We also took a woefully problematic rowboat out on the lake. The problem was in the unequal nature of the oars, which meant some fiddling to continue in vaguely straight lines. This prompted Paul to comment something to the effect of, "We are gradually proceeding in some direction which may be the direction in which we are going." This was a fun experience. We went exploring in the woods, which involved Paul discovering a manly big stick and smacking stuff with it. Unfortunately, a lot of the dead sticks are very dead, which prompted another funny comment: "How come when I hit stuff with my stick, my stick always loses?" We also discovered that the moss grows on dead moss, but a large pile of moss is springy and fun to jump around on and leaves nifty footprints. Paul had brought a selection of tea, so we drank tea before going to bed. I was sleeping under one of our skylights, which was wondrous because I could see stars at night!

Day Two - Sunday!
Pleasurecraft Adventures and Inexplicable Campfire Death

Neither of us had set an alarm, but we both awoke in perfect time for breakfast, which involved bacon and omelettes was therefore awesome. We read some of the Psalms and Paul went over a few things about the organization of Catholic services and talked about various things for the morning. After lunch we took the paddleboat onto the lake. Unbeknownst to us, this was going to become an adventure. Thankfully, I'd brought my camera and there's a few photos of the adventure aftermath, though not the adventure itself. We took out the paddleboat to go to the Island, which we never ended up seeing on this trip... Our paddleboat experience was extremely slow and it was very difficult to steer and there was water leaking into the pedal hollows. A passing ski-doo man offered to tow us to the Island and we accepted the offer. It became immediately apparent that this was a good way to drown, because as soon as he went any faster than we had been going, vast amouns of water sloshed into the boat. He realized that it was getting to be more and more of a bad idea, but still wanted to help, so I firmly and nicely refused any more help and he let us use a bucket from his craft as a bailer, which we really, really needed by that point. Noticing my camera, he began a conversation about cameras, as he's an enthusiast. Paul and I began pedaling back home - even though we were already over 3/4 of the way to our destination, there were too many problems at this point. Our saviour encountered us about half an hour later and tossed us his coffee cup to use as a bailer. I have a photo of Paul holding this cup as proof of our adventures.

That afternoon after supper we took a nap so we could enjoy a later night with the stars. When we got up to go, Paul chopped some kindling for us in a great display of manliness and then we attempted, repeatedly, to start a fire. The fire would not start. And I mean, I have never seen a fire do that. All our materials were dry, the fire pit was fine after we cleared a space. The fire would just go out and nothing would catch. It was ridiculous. Paul was really, really disappointed because we had smore materials and plans to have a happy time by the fire. Instead we ended up sitting on the end of the dock, stargazing and talking. There were some shooting stars, and we enjoyed ourselves... After we got cold we went back to the cabin and cuddled under a blanket, talking by candlelight until late.

Day Three - Monday

Forest Photography, Rainbows, and Fawns

Paul slept in, so I read the Bible for a bit, then took my camera and went on a 1.5 hour adventure in the woods and meadows. As we walked to the dining hall for our late breakfast, it began to rain, and as we began to eat, it began to pour buckets on the campsite. We waited in the dining hall until the rain backed off, then ran back to the cabin, where we enjoyed the solitude and quiet and lack of responsibilities for a few more hours before taking off for home. We decided not to eat lunch on campus because Paul isn't a big fan of hot dogs and I didn't much care for that meal either. The rain had cleared by the time we were about to leave, and so I took Paul through the forest to see the meadow, and that one plant with the one cool leaf, and the lean-to someone built. We prayed by the still, calm lake before we left, then took off for home. On the way home we saw three deer, two of which were fawns, and a fantastic double rainbow -- Paul's first rainbow this season and my second double rainbow in a week. I drove the car all the way to Saskatoon for a lovely supper at Earls with a shared glass of earthy, rich wine and an amazing meal, to begin with devouring a plate of dry ribs and then having the rest of the food, then Paul stopped in at my place for a few minutes for tea.

That is the short story of my amazing weekend at the lake. Our relationship is certainly increasing in health all the time, and the opportunity to really talk in depth on a number of different topics strengthened us immeasurably. Both of us feel so secure with each other now. I couldn't think of a better person to share my lake with. By the time we got to Monday, I had energy to burn and I felt rejuvenated, ready to tackle life.

Disappointment struck when the eczema on my hand healed up almost entirely in the forest by the lake in three days and today after only being home for one day I am covered in sores again. I am really frustrated by this, but I am doing the best that I can with keeping it clean and moisturized and taking loads of vitamins, so I eagerly await Fall to be beautiful and winter to replace it so I can be a bit healthier. Today I got a call from Kelly's giving me a couple days of work and my boss from Silver Street contacted me again, so it looks like I will be able to make the money I need to pay my way through into October. By then I hope to be more financially stable.

Paul and I also went to the gym today. I'd forgotten how much I love the gym. I am now at 270, which has been stable for a couple of weeks, and I hope to start losing again soon, with the active lifestyle plan that Paul and I have.

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Wow, your adventures in the facebook album are much more epic now that I know their tale! Man, I could never have taken my camera on a watery adventure, and isn't yours way more expensive than mine and also not waterproof?

LOL I love the subtitle with "rainbows and fawns." ahahahaha. Could it get any cuter?!

I'm so glad you had such an awesome weekend!! ^____^
Yes, my camera is expensive and not waterproof, but we were setting off for the Island and I wanted to photodocument it. Next time I'm going to take the waterproof case thingy with me.