You and me are floating on a tidal wave
You and me are drifting into outer space
And singing ooh ooh oooooh oooh...

I haven't felt much like blogging every detail of my life lately. Partly this is because my daytime life is an often rather mundane spate of activities ranging from cleaning to errands to graphic design activities or other work stuff. Not that I'm complaining, because that's a part of life I really like and don't actually find mundane myself, it's just not blogworthy. Nobody wants to hear about my errands all the time and they're really all I have to offer most days. The growth in my relationship with my boyfriend feels sacred to me, not something for the wide world to hear. It's beautiful though, and I cherish us, the way we are now and the way we will be.

I'm still struggling with being sick and dragging. I feel terrible most of the time and I'm really glad my life has worked out so I don't always have to drag myself somewhere. The eczema problem I've been having seems to be improving, several factors involved in this are my attention to creams and my finding and purchasing a nutritional supplement designed especially for eczema and other skin issues. This all seems to be working, and reducing my stress to an almost zero level is helping, too.

As of yesterday I'm taking a week off of my usual general listening music because I feel a bit polluted. I want to feel clean again. I feel all out of sorts and awkward, not interested in much. I've been thrown off my groove by so many different things lately, and I want my focus back. So I'm basically planning to spend a few days in listening to God-centered or worship music and hopefully I can get back to where I want to be - rooted and grounded in love, happy, fulfilled...

I went to the library to meet Paul the other day and was sorely disappointed to find that the outdoor pool was already drained because I came early with a suit in tow, to try it, but instead I found a book called Pilate's Wife, and it's written with such amazing depth, I am heartily enjoying it. I'm also reading The Year of Living Biblically and The Tower in Stony Wood. I'm about half-way through each of these and I am going to try finishing at least one of them today and the other two next week. Also, because there's a new library branch, the library forgave my fines! I also picked up some interesting looking CDs at another library last night, too.

Today I went swimming at the U of S on the last few days of my gym membership, re-taught myself most of my old swim strokes and got myself back up to some semblance of speed. I actually feel much better after doing something low-impact active. I am excited about Fall - about Ballroom dancing, about getting a LeisurePass and enjoying dozens of healthy activities like badminton and swimming and other fun stuff with friends. My boyfriend and I have grand plans for working out and I think I'm going to really enjoy that. I am excited about an upcoming trip back to Emma Lake, where I spent my summer last year.

Summer is basically over now. It's been the best summer ever.

I am excited about capturing all the fruit flies I unwittingly unleashed into my space when I forgot a banana peel in my room garbage. Ooops. =(
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Awwww I reeeeeally like that icon :D So pretty.

I'm glad your eczema is getting better!! My acne is getting better too. HIGH FIVES.
Yeah, I almost didn't realize it was happening! It's *still* surreal that I can now get out stuff from the library after a decade!
I read Living Biblically AND Stony Wood. What did you think about them?