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It's alright, it's alright, it's alright
She moves in mysterious ways

I've been working constantly for quite some time, and since I was at the Fringe a lot for work, I saw some cool things.

- A bearded man with a color-matched bearded Schnauzer dog. No joke.
- A vintage suitcase attached to a suited man - the suitcase outfitted with speakers in the wall of it, playing the radio.
- On Broadway alone this week I have seen 9 dachshunds - one of which had long hair. I got to pet two of them - for the first time that I can remember, too. They're one of my favourite small dog breeds.
- One of these sightings was actually one of the cutest dog meetings ever... a tiny multi-colored chihuahua and a tiny dachshund.
- A kid wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a 5 inch thick gold weave chain that had a giant gold initial pendant hanging from it sauntered in, in true rap-star fashion, and asked if we had any gold chains. (I work in a store that only sells silver.)
- A guy impressively dragged his marimba to the Fringe and played in front of the busker statue. It was a beautiful instrument - and a larger version of the ones I played in high school and the U of S Concert Band as well.
- Fire juggler at night!
- Street performers are terrible at comedy and should stick to tricks. So many terrible, terrible jokes. *shudder*

I finally got to see my friend draw caricatures at the Fringe, too - she's amazing at it. Very cool.

So in other news, I now have three days off. Yay having my life back! Soon life should go back to some sense of normalcy. Or maybe not.

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