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Bright Future

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Consider helping Looking Glass to build a Canadian National Treatment Centre for Eating Disorders, and maybe you can help give someone their life back so they can really live.

Up to this post, my greatly appreciated sponsors have pledged $330.

Make a pledge if you'd like to help me meet or exceed my $1000 goal.

Bright Future

Now I'll taste every moment

 And live it out loud

I know this is the time, this is the time to be

More than a name, or a face in the crowd

I know this is the time of my life

The future is bright. My binge eating days are over. I am losing weight and gaining emotional ground at a steady pace. I would love to be able to offer someone else that chance. If you've enjoyed the journey with me, please consider giving even a small donation to my charity. I will be grateful and someone else will be, too.

Major thanks are due to my sponsors, all the friends who came over yesterday, especially late last night, and everyone who has helped me through this process of recovery.

And she lived happily ever after. The End.
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