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Final Show

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Final Show

The biggest landmark in art school was my final show for the honors program. My final show in school was an interesting experience. It was an interactive conceptual piece that allowed people to read books I had written with my secrets in them that were locked inside a cabinet. Releasing so many secrets in this way was a very interesting and freeing experience, and the show was very well received.

My apologies if anything sounds vacant, I'm so tired I can barely manage anything remotely coherent anymore. Just two more hours and then I finally get to crash to sleep! Had a bunch of awesome friends over today, helping me to get through the day... Chantal just brought me a donut and we watched the twilight seeping over the horizon together. Chugging along here...
Awww... 24 hours is an amazingly long time, really. About the post, though, this project is something I'm very interested in. Can you direct me to any of your blogs (or write a new one) about the reactions you got?