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Opera Singer

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Me singing Opera

One of the dreams I had that was never quite realized was that I wanted to be an opera singer. The track above is actually from my first year recital, the only one I had. They taped it, to my present delight, as it's one of the only remnants I have left of a dream I once had. I don't really regret the change to art, it was the right thing to do, but I really do love music, opera especially. I had a top spot in the college because my voice sounded unusually deep and expansive. It was a really bad year for me, but some great things came out of it anyway.
I listened to the whole thing. I had no idea. That was beautiful.

Please don't give up on singing, it would be a really big shame.
I will always sing! I may even go back into lessons for opera style again, but I will always sing.

Sang quite a bit today in fact.