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Confronting death is not something anyone wants to do. Nobody really wants to think about the fragility of life. It's a hard thought to grasp, that anyone might leave you at any moment. But living life to the fullest can depend on thinking through that possibility. Shortly after I found a home in Living Hope, Dwayne, who was already well loved by me and who I considered a kindred spirit contracted a rapidly acting form of cancer and passed away. It was such a terrible disappointment to me. I loved that man already, him and I had so many good conversations. He was a great person. And I am glad that I have a promise that I will see him again. Looking forward to it.

This seems like an odd picture to remember someone by... But this was a great moment. He dropped his cell phone in a paint can, and I caught the look on his face as he fished it out. It was a good moment.