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The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Miss Piggy

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Being Miss Piggy

I remember the first time the thought crossed my mind, does Kermit not want to be with Miss Piggy because she's fat? I know it's ludicrous, she's obnoxious! But she loved him. Miss Piggy was me throughout all my growing up years - no reciprocal relationships, the longest dating relationship I had was less than two weeks... I was Miss Piggy. I was flamboyant, easily angered, and absolutely passionate. I was fire and could heat or destroy. I have always been fire. So Kermit, then, poor Kermit, was always the type of man I went for. I always genuinely loved Kermit - how could I not? He was in control, and when he wasn't he was panicked, but in the end he got the job done...

I always thought that one day I'd find myself a Kermit of my own, and that maybe he'd be a little more interested. Maybe I'd get to live in The Muppets Take Manhattan. It's a good dream. Except for the part where Miss Piggy tricks him into it and he's hesitant... Eh, but she still gets him, and he's pretty awesome.

Someone's always going to heckle it though. It's a kind of torture to them to see hope or happiness. But what do they matter, if the dream comes true?
I saw the Hope Diamond in January at the Smithsonian. I was so disappointed because somehow I thought the diamond from the Great Muppet Caper was the Hope Diamond. Heh. You're doing awesome!