Youth Group

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Youth Group

I jumped around to different churches a lot when I was younger, trying to find a good fit for my somewhat unique system of beliefs. Avalon Alliance caught me up in a great group of people, and a great youth group. I had so much fun in so many events. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ken, the youth pastor, for shepherding me through some really tough times, and for remaining my friend to this day - the guys in this picture are pretty cool, too. ;)

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Ha ha...those were the days...

Good job with the Bloggin. I'm enjoying this!

Hey Monitee! Looking good! I'm getting tired- how are you doing? I have some great pics and memories from youth groups.
Aw shucks Twyla,
Re: PD
I always loved this photo of you. =) One of my favourite photos from this era.