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The Three-Tiered Birthday Party

Birthday Party Invitation Word Count, 2007:

I have had numerous complaints about my birthday party invitations. "They're too long!" say friends in despair. Too much to read. Too many details, demands. I'm not kidding about the word count, and that's fully formatted and with a short section at the end. This is partly because all my parties are epic. Since my friends are all really busy, I generally have 3-5 seperate events for my birthday, usually this works out very well, creating more intimate spaces where I can actually talk to people, and giving me a solid week of partying, which I have always enjoyed every once and awhile. One big party would wear me out, but a lot of little ones are just fun.

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That totally sounds like something I would do. Looks like you're doing great, but you know where to find me if you need me.