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One of the places I love the most from my childhood and have the absolute best memories of was a Summer Camp led by a group called Space West. I was in love with everything they had to offer from the get-go. I believe I went there for three years, probably 1998-2000. The camp counsellors were knowledgable and friendly and the camps were the most fun thing you could possibly imagine. During my time with them I got to meet astronauts (plural) in person, saw a live Broadcast from a shuttle (and had my intent face on TV because it was a big event) and learned all the physics that it takes to put a shuttle into space. Still remember some of it, it's etched so vividly into my mind because of how cool it was.

Some of the best days of my childhood were spent building and launching rockets with that group. I loved it. I'd launch one again at the drop of a hat! (So don't drop any hats around me. Just so you know.)
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My brother had the biggest boner for that camp. Then they turned it into Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School, one of the worst learning experiences of my life, I.E., I didn't learn dick all.

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