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The year 1999 was one of my most active years doing anything. Notably, it was the year that I took adult wheel-thrown pottery classes that I'd found in the Leisure Guide, a paper that lists cool extra-curricular type activities in our city. I got special permission to take the adult classes and fell in love with the act of working intimately with materials with my hands. My hands have always been useful to me - they mold things, they make things happen. I rarely try and make them look nice because with all the use they generally just get a bit ratty looking again. But though it ruined my hands, I loved pottery. It was absolutely worth it to do something that was so much about balance, about texture and feeling and the ability to see with fingertips. I did experiments with glazes and firing and overall was so into it that my parents even bought me equipment. Sadly, it was one of my many phases. I'd be happy to sit down and throw again anytime, but it just never seems to be something I have time for now.<input ... ></input><input ... >