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I owe my growing business in photography entirely to my Aunt and Grandmother. Both of them loved cameras and had really excellent ones that they used as often as they could. When I was in my early teens my Mom went to University full time and my Aunt and Grandma took an evening class in Photography with her. They used to take me with them to watch them work, and I fell in love with the darkroom, with the experience of watching an image slowly surface on a piece of photo paper in clear liquid, as if some sort of magic of looking at it drew out an image. I loved darkrooms. They taught me how to use the equipment, too. I loved Bessler machines - the lightboxes that shine light onto developing paper before it goes into the magic liquid. They looked a bit like a cross between an accordion and the front half of a 1920's Ford. I was a part of a big Canadian Youth Photography event at one point. My Aunt invested a lot of energy into teaching me about cameras, and I am eternally grateful for it. It's now something that looks like it will be a livelihood for me, and one I truly love. My family bought me the camera I now have, the one I use to do business. I am so grateful to them for it.